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Five on Friday: Breakfast for Dinner

Five on Friday: Breakfast for Dinner

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September is National Breakfast Month, which means I'll be chowing down on chilaquiles and frying up some challah French toast. And while I love sitting down to these staples in the morning, I often want breakfast at dinnertime, too.

As it turns out, I'm not alone in my cravings. According to a recent survey conducted by Krusteaz, 91 percent of Americans eat breakfast for dinner, and 67 percent of respondents with children said they serve breakfast for dinner at least once a month.

Eating healthy should still be delicious.

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In honor of this tasty trend, I’ve rounded up five of Cooking Light’s best breakfast-for-dinner options that transition seamlessly from morning to evening. So grab the eggs and break out the bacon—it's brinner time!

Libanais Breakfast: The three major components here—homemade tabbouleh, soft-boiled eggs, and warm pita wedges—meld together beautifully to create a unique and satisfying Middle-Eastern meal.

Savory Bread Puddings with Ham and Cheddar: Sweet bread puddings are undeniably tasty, but I tend to favor the savory versions. This one incorporates loaded baked potato fixings for a comforting dinner the whole family will enjoy.

Spinach, Green Onion, and Smoked Gouda Quiche: With its buttery crust and mix of hearty fillings, there’s a lot to love about custard-y quiche. Fresh baby spinach and smoked Gouda cheese elevate this brunch fave to dinnertime status.

Sweet Potato and Canadian Bacon Hash: Sweet potatoes are thrown into this tasty hash, which is sure to convert any brinner skeptics. The salty Canadian bacon adds a welcomed dose of decadence.

Easy Breakfast for Dinner Recipes

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It’s time for breakfast for dinner or, as some like to call it, brinner (breakfast + dinner = brinner)! And the great thing about breakfast for dinner is that it’s something outside of the normal schedule and it requires pretty basic ingredients.

Another fun thing about having breakfast for your evening meal is that you get to experience something you may not be able to on hectic mornings. While we all dream of freshly squeezed juice and fluffy pancakes in the morning, the truth is that most of us are probably reaching for a granola bar and thermos of coffee as we head out the door. Breakfast for dinner allows you to experience your favorite morning flavors without the stress of an alarm clock.

You also don’t have to worry about sides: all I serve with a main breakfast for dinner recipe is a bowl of fresh fruit!

Easy Breakfast for Dinner Recipes

Fancy Dinner Night: 5-Course Meal Ideas to Impress

Have you ever had to host an enormous dinner party? Whether you’ve had to do it in the past or in case you have a big one coming up, it can be intimidating! You want everyone to be full and happy, but you don’t want to lose your mind making it happen. Holidays, special occasions, and get-togethers are often stressful, scary undertakings for the host, but we at believe in the power of food to bring people together. So don’t give up just yet! We’ve compiled a list of our best 5-course meal ideas.

If you’re more familiar with the standard appetizer, entree, dessert pattern, you may be wondering, why five whole courses? Well, a traditional 5-course meal — soup, appetizer, salad, entree, and dessert — has a progression that can be truly satisfying as a diner. From the first teaser of a bite to the refreshing sweetness at the end, the 5-course meal is like a present with a bow wrapped around it. Also, having a nice, long dinner provides an opportunity for conversation and fellowship with your loved ones!

As you scan through these 5-course meal ideas (each of them snagged from RecipeLion’s on-site test kitchen!), here are a few tips to keep in mind: you want to do a lot of meals that you can prep beforehand and perhaps only one that requires a lot of active time, so be strategic! Also, don’t pick too many heavy dishes in a row — you’re going to be eating a lot in a 5-course meal! Lastly, try to space out the recipes that use certain cooking appliances. If all five of your courses need to use the oven, you’re going to be doing a lot of sitting around on your hands.

Fun Facts Friday – The Five F’s

I’m trying something new with fun facts this week, so let’s see how it goes.

Since it’s been forever and a day since I’ve done Fun Facts, I feel like I could write about 120 of them and still not be caught up(!). So to make things a little simpler for me, I’m going to break down my fun facts into five main F’s, which cover all of my main/favorite topics on this little space…

So with that said, let’s catch up!


Does a continuous rotation of joggers, sweatpants, and leggings count as fashion? Asking for a friend. And she’s me.

I swear, I don’t know what I’ll do when I have to go back to wearing actual pants/jeans everyday.

I’ve fallen in love with these tunic sweatshirts from Walmart, although sizes are super limited now.

I also recently snagged a couple more of these C9 workout tanks, which are one of my favorite tanks EVER. They’re great for workouts, obviously, but I often use the neutral white/black colors for layering under everyday clothes, too.

For reference, I own them in both small and medium sizes and both fit really well.


I’ve been finding myself going through all sorts of phases with food and eating, since I’m home all. the. time. So basically, if we’re being honest, my eating habits have been crap.

Sometimes I’ll go for a few weeks where all I want to do is snack or make snack plates.

Then I’ll get bored with that and go back to wanting three meals. I started to get really bored with salads, and also found that they weren’t really agreeing with my stomach that well, so I’ve sort of taken a break from those for a bit.

When it comes to dinners, we were getting super lame and often repeating the same, easy, non-exciting meals week after week. So we started back up with some HelloFresh deliveries every few weeks (we pay for it ourselves, so not sponsored, but you can use this discount code to get $40 OFF!), and they’ve been a great way to mix things up a bit.

And, of course, can’t leave out the sweets and treats. The jumbo cookie trend is still huge around here, and we’ve gotten into somewhat of a habit of stopping in and picking up a few jumbos from Upstate Cookie Shack every once in a while.

We get a couple different flavors, cut them up into 4 or 6 pieces each, and enjoy them throughout the week. They are so, so good.


The last time I wrote up some fun facts, I was contemplating the purchase of a Peloton bike. Well, in late November we decided to take the plunge and made the purchase!

The one downside to that is…it’s February 25th, and we still don’t have a bike. Womp wompppp. Our delivery was originally scheduled for late January, but we fell into what is apparently a large bucket of people out there who are still waiting on a delivery. As of right now, it’s been rescheduled for April 5th (. ), but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that something will happen in the meantime and we’ll get bumped up a bit.

SO, bad news is still no bike.

GOOD news, is that I’ve really been loving using the Peloton app! We get access to the app while we’re waiting for our delivery, and since we already have a treadmill, I’ve been taking a bunch of the running/tread classes and they’re awesome (Jess and Robyn are my jammmm). It had really been quite some time since I dusted off the ol’ treadmill, but it’s been a great way to switch things up a bit.

When it comes to strength training, the Peloton app does have some great classes, but my go-to strength classes continue to be those offered through the Faster Way to Fat Loss program (you can read here about my experience with the 6-week program from about this time last year). I absolutely LOVE the way that they break up the workouts each week, so there’s no wasting time to try and figure out what to do. Not only that, but the workouts are SO effective and I always walk away feeling great.

I’m actually really excited because there’s going to be a bit of a shoulder challenge in March, and I looooove me some pumped up shoulders. If you’re at all interested in giving the program a try, their next round is starting Monday, March 1st, and you can easily sign up using my affiliate link HERE! The first week is considered “prep week,” which allows you to really get a better feel for the program and what you’ll need to prepare and be successful throughout the program.

Oh, and one last update on the fitness front (which you may or may not have already noticed) would have to be the fact that we gave our workout space a bit of a refresh!

So now, rather than looking at pink insulation and 2ࡪ’s, we’ve got sheetrock, painted walls, and even a TV that we can use to airplay our workouts. Nothing fancy, but it’s definitely an upgrade.

Like I mentioned in my last post, I’ve done a little extra shopping over the past few months. What can I say? When I’m stuck at home and staring at the same walls all day long, it gets more bored and inspires me to want to update and change things. So in addition to the bathroom remodel, there’s been some other updates around the house, too.

A couple of months back, I decided I wanted to switch up one of the walls in the kitchen. We moved the arch (which I bought when I visited Magnolia Market in Texas a few years ago!) that was originally there to a different wall in the living room…

And we put up some cute new shelves that I found at Hobby Lobby.

Thank goodness we had Lucas to take pictures so we could try to figure out where to place them, because we were having the hardest time figuring that out!

So that was fun, and they definitely add a nice little touch to the kitchen.

I also had some fun last month, celebrating my birthday!

Margaritas + churros with my girls Tal and Ashley was a favorite highlight, along with the most amazing steak dinner with Jay (although no pics to show for that one).

And I feel like this is such old news at this point, but since I haven’t blogged since, I figured I’d share…I finally got my tattoo!

I decided on a design and got it back in early December, and I could not be happier with it. I’ve already been thinking about what I could get next. )


It’s safe to say that this family is counting down the days/hours/minutes until spring arrives and we can finally get back outside more often.

As expected, this winter has brought us all sorts of togetherness, and being cooped up inside so often has definitely brought its challenges. Working from home with at least one kid here 4 out of 5 days a week is not easy. But overall, all things considered, we’re doing great. Work is going really for both Jay and myself, and the boys are both doing good with school. The hybrid model that Lucas’s school is currently using still stinks, but we’re making do with it and just hoping that they’ll be back in school full time sooner rather than later.

The rest of our extended family is also doing well, and I wanted to thank those of you who have taken the time to ask!

We all enjoyed each other’s company over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, and we get together for the occasional dinner or drinks, or even bowling outing, when we can.

So there ya have it! Thanks for sticking around with me still, and I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! <3

How to Meal Prep Step Two: Weeknight Dinner Recipes

Here are the five weeknight dinner recipes that accompany the above meal plan. I’ve added notes below each recipe to show you how I personally make each recipe typically adding more veggies or modifying steps to make the recipes easier .

Note, I’ve taken the ingredient list from each recipe and created a downloadable and printable grocery list for you below.

Easy dinner recipes

Save yourself stress in the kitchen with our easy dinner recipes, from filling pasta bakes to warming curries and simple traybakes the family will love.

Chicken pasta bake

Enjoy this gooey cheese and chicken pasta bake for the ultimate weekday family dinner. Serve straight from the dish with a dressed green salad

Easy-to-scale cheesy fish pie with kale

Double the ingredients in this easy fish pie if you need to feed four, or quadruple for eight. This comforting dinner is perfect for midweek, and adaptable for any situation

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Enter a world of five star luxury that is palpable in everything from the sleek décor to the five star amenities at The Marker Hotel Dublin.

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High-calorie recipes

Discover our wholesome, higher calorie recipes including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options.

Chorizo & halloumi breakfast baguette

Treat yourself to this hearty chorizo and halloumi breakfast baguette – perfect for the weekend. Make the rich tomato jam in advance and then enjoy it on sausage sarnies, a cheeseboard, chicken&hellip

Buttermilk corn pancakes with bacon & maple syrup

Enjoy our buttermilk corn pancakes with bacon and maple syrup for an American-style brunch. If you can't get hold of buttermilk, you can easily make your own

Clean Eating Vegetarian Dinner Recipes

20 Veggie Driven Clean Eating Recipes Feasting At Home

30 Day Cleanse 65 Vegan Cleanse Recipes My Darling Vegan

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30 Clean Eating Dinner Recipe Ideas You Can Make In 30

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11 Clean Eating Cold Lunches Easy Vegetarian Ideas

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7 Clean Eating Wraps Super Foods Life

Superfood Salad Recipes A Clean Eating Cookbook For Easy Weight Loss And Detox Fuss Free Dinner Recipes That Are Easy On The Budget

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31 Delish Vegan Clean Eating Recipes For Weight Loss Winter

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11 Simple Ways To Start Clean Eating Today

Clean Chicken Recipes Clean Eating Magazine

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The Fit With Five 5 Ingredient Clean Eating Recipe Ebook Is

Meatless Monday Veggie Packed Fried Rice

Olive-walnut pasta

Using a variety of olives will create a depth of flavour

Double down on the olive oil flavour in this dish by warming a generous amount with torn green olives to dress your pasta. While you can use just one kind of olive, like mild Castelvetrano, a variety will create depth of flavour. Adding chopped walnuts provides texture and a nice dose of protein to this vegan dish, while lemon zest and juice perk everything up. It would also be good with soft herbs like oregano, dill or basil, a salty cheese like feta or parmesan, or shrimp that's been cooked with the pasta in the last few minutes of boiling.

Recipe by: Millie Peartree


Kosher salt and black pepper

450g short pasta, like orecchiette, cavatelli, fusilli or elbows

½ cup extra-virgin olive oil

1¼ cups Castelvetrano olives (or a mixture of green olives), pitted and torn

1 small garlic clove, peeled

1 lemon, zested and juiced (about 3tbsp juice)

1. Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. When the water’s boiling, add the pasta and cook until al dente. Reserve 1 cup of pasta water, then drain.

2. While the pasta’s cooking, in a large Dutch oven, stir together the olive oil, walnuts and olives. Set over medium heat and cook, stirring often, until fragrant and the walnuts are toasted, 3 to 5 minutes. Turn off the heat, finely grate in the garlic clove and season with 1½tsp salt and a few grinds of black pepper. Stir to combine.

3. Add the pasta and ¼ cup pasta water to the walnut mixture. Cook over medium-low, stirring and adding pasta water as needed, until the pasta is well coated. Remove from heat and stir in half the lemon zest and all the lemon juice. Season to taste with salt and pepper and more lemon zest.


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