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Chicken with tomatoes and peaches (Video Recipe)

Chicken with tomatoes and peaches (Video Recipe)

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Heat the oven.

Cut the peaches and tomatoes into slices about 1 cm thick.

Cut the chicken into 2-3 cm thick strips.

Put 2 tablespoons of oil in a bowl. Add honey, water and thyme. Season with salt and ground pepper. Mix well until the honey melts.

We prepare a deeper tray, but not very large, with dimensions of about 25x15 cm, which we grease with a tablespoon of oil.

We put in the tray, at the edge, a row of tomato slices in a vertical position. Arrange a row of peach slices, also in an upright position. Put a row of chicken.

We continue with a row of tomatoes, then one of peaches and then one of meat, well gathered next to each other.

Form a second layer, overlapping tomatoes, peaches and meat. If you have a larger tray, you can make a single layer.

Pour the prepared sauce on top and gently shake the tray, so that it penetrates everywhere.

Put the tray in the oven heated to 180 degrees for 45 minutes

When the vegetables, fruits and meat are browned, remove the dish from the oven.

Let the preparation cool a little and serve.


Chicken with tomatoes and peaches (Video Recipe) - Recipes

  • tomatoes
  • oregano
  • salt
  • sugar
  • olive oil
  • fresh basil
  • bread
  • anchovies
  • garlic


Perfect this season!

I really have some anchovies and I didn't know what to do with them! Thanks for the bridge! puup

How good, I haven't made a lot of bruschettas, kisses so much!

I imagine how good they look. don't you send me to taste too? :)
Kisses and nice weekend!

Very good, tasty and fast. and you need a lot of beer. My husband with 2 colleagues last summer with these bruschettas finished a & quotscatollone & quot of beer, so I know what I'm saying. amateur opinion. Come on, I was kidding. Are the luggage ready? Of, of of with these documents and I ate my health, now with the adoption of the girls by my husband I hope I will end with the word DOCUMENTS. Anyway, I wish you to stay in Iasi to be full of joys, meetings, walks and to solve everything you set out to do.

Chicken with tomatoes and peaches (Video Recipe) - Recipes

Hey, hey, Mariano! Well, why do you think I bought them ?! Also because of the weather, when I have to walk them in the sun and at home, I buy them ready dried. Kisses and have a nice Sunday!

Cuscra, they are "delicious", I never get tired when I eat, if you were closer I would serve you with great pleasure. Many kisses !

a brilliant idea, I will definitely try it :) it looks insane, it was already raining in my mouth

Thank you, Boscodina! I don't know how good they look, but I can tell you they're really good.

You're cute, Alison! Many kisses !

Daniela, can you please tell me what the price of dried tomatoes is? in Romania I found it, but only in a jar of olive oil, as I did this summer. It's not so easy, in the evening I move them from the outside to the dryer, for a few more hours, otherwise until the second day, I risk fermenting, as it happened to me for the first time. The truth is that they are excellent, I put garlic, oregano, basil or hot pepper thyme, a madness. I visit you earlier, I like your recipes. Good luck Maria.

Hello Maria ! First of all, thank you for visiting. I imagine that it is not easy to make dried tomatoes at home, and if we don't cover them we risk making castle flies on them. I took them from Calabria and gave 5 euros per kg, but I took them from the peasants, not from the store, so I took them at an acceptable price, as my husband said, rather than torment me, more well we buy them ready dried. We still buy them from stores as you say, with oregano, basil, but now we wanted to make them like in Calabria. Ulala, what a long talk. Kisses and thanks for visiting!

This gives a meticulous recipe in terms of the chef, but also the eaters. to wait for feathers in winter? :))
Interesting recipe!

Angi, I can say that my fingers ached from straightening the tomatoes. As for & quotla winter & quot, if they will arrive, if not, we will eat from memories.

Excellent recipe, Daniela. and this :). I made dried tomatoes this year, I threw a few rounds, because they molded, but I managed to make good ones until the end :). I like the idea with sardines, but how do you put them, raw? Or do they have to be marinated before? And do you sterilize the jars, or do you put them like that?

Gina, I bought the sardines ready preserved in oil or salt. The ones with salt are rinsed a little to remove the salt and then wiped with napkins to absorb water. I wash the jars, then boil the lids, and when I take them out and drain them, I put them in the preheated oven at 50 degrees, until the water dries well. I buy tomatoes from Calabria, they have enough heat there not to mold. I saw my sister-in-law taking the tray of tomatoes in the evening and putting it in the kitchen, in the morning she would straighten them a little, because they were "quoting" from the sun, then she would put them in the sun again. I don't know exactly how many days he kept them dry.

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