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19 Chemicals You Didn’t Know Were in Your Food

19 Chemicals You Didn’t Know Were in Your Food

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If you ever look at the nutrition labels on processed foods — and you might be reading these labels all wrong — you probably know there are tons of chemicals in most packages. But what happens when you take a closer look at what’s really in most of these products? Are these foods really safe?

19 Chemicals You Didn’t Know Were in Your Food Gallery

What’s even more of a mystery are foods and drinks that you can’t read a label for — such as fast food menu items that seem really healthy. You knew the McDonald’s fries were bad. But did you know Dunkin Donuts’ “eggs” used to contain over 20 ingredients?


Unless you live on a farm and grow all of your own food, it’s nearly impossible to avoid consuming chemicals on a daily basis from your diet. However, not all of these chemicals are as malignant as they seem. We consulted the databases of various government organizations and research institutions to reveal the truth about 19 common chemicals found in your food and drink.


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