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Punta Mita Gourmet & Golf: A Sumptuous Event in Mexico

Punta Mita Gourmet & Golf: A Sumptuous Event in Mexico

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Ceviche, mole, mezcal, and worms — all foods please at this fantastic beachside festival

Almond-crusted Lobster Croquet, Filled with Blue Crab and Served with Dill Butter over Arugula

This was paired well with a food-friendly Chilean sauvignon blanc from Errazuriz Reserva.

Charred Plantain and Mezcal Ice Cream with Oaxacan Hot Fudge

This made for some seriously good eating.

Closing Dinner on the Beach

On a warm, gorgeous evening, waves rolled into shore during a mesmerizing sunset as close to 600 people were seated on the beach for the elegant closing dinner. Cool green gazpacho was served, preceded by a full plate of Frankie’s meatballs and an Instagram-perfect Valrhona chocolate dessert.

Dessert at Sunset for Opening Event

Sweets eaters nibbled on a tempting array of desserts as the moon appeared over the ocean.

Oysters with Chicken Cracklings

Fat local oysters tempura with habanero and green sauce were a hit, as was the briny raw variety smartly accented with crunchy chicken cracklings.

Tacos Barbacoa

At the festival, there were tacos of octopus with a puree of cauliflower and radish, and another of tongue in a mole sauce with a purée of plantains, among others.

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