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Eddie Huang Drops 'Fresh Off the Boat' Show Trailer

Eddie Huang Drops 'Fresh Off the Boat' Show Trailer

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Watch the teaser to season one of 'Fresh Off the Boat with Eddie Huang'

Bright fuschia memoir cover aside, Eddie Huang is seriously working on his badass reputation to follow in the footsteps of pal Anthony Bourdain. In his new show for VICE, it seems the Baohaus owner is all about eating, hunting, and dancing DDR style.

According to the press release, Huang takes the show around the United States, plus Taiwan, exploring "the cultures and culinary habits of its underdog inhabitants."

"My generation is sick of people feeding us that bullsh*t about what to see, eat, hear, and smell and we’re asking each other to think differently and keep up with the underbelly cultures out there," Huang said in the statement. "We wanted to go to LA but not do Hollywood. We wanted to go to the underserved Oakland areas and when we ended up with someone putting a heater in his arm right behind us, we showed it. When we captured crack addicts walking through our shots, we kept the footage."

Watch below to catch glimpses of Huang and the crew riding the "Bang Bus" to Miami, shooting rabbits with a motorcycle gang, and working a backwards baseball cap. The series premieres Oct. 15.

Watch the video: Fresh Off the Boat - Trailer (July 2022).


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