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30 Crazy Restaurant Challenges Around the World (Slideshow)

30 Crazy Restaurant Challenges Around the World (Slideshow)

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Sometime we'd do just about anything to bring home the win


Moose McGillycuddy’s on Waikiki Beach boasts the Moose Omelette Omelette. Presumably the double “omelette” refers to the insane amount of eggs: there are a solid dozen eggs in this omelet as well bacon, sausage, mushrooms, and melted cheese. If you can wolf it, and the sides of breakfast potatoes and toast, down in under an hour, you get a free t-shirt and a picture on their “Wall of Fame.” Also, you presumably get to take the best nap of your life shortly afterwards.

30. Moose McGillycuddy’s: Honolulu, Hawaii


Moose McGillycuddy’s on Waikiki Beach boasts the Moose Omelette Omelette. If you can wolf it, and the sides of breakfast potatoes and toast, down in under an hour, you get a free t-shirt and a picture on their “Wall of Fame.” Also, you presumably get to take the best nap of your life shortly afterwards.

29. Big Pie in the Sky: Kennesaw & Roswell, Ga

Big Pie in the Sky Pizzeria in Georgia has what they call the “Carnivore Challenge.” It involves an 11-pound pizza that is 30 inches in diameter. It’s fortunately a tag-team event: you and a friend can split the $50 pizza and then split the $250 winnings if you manage to finish it in under an hour. There is a very strict “clean up your own sick” policy if you don’t manage to keep it down, and only seven groups ever have completed the challenge, with one team finishing in a mere 33 minutes.Jester’s Diner in the U.K. is the home of the KIDZ Challenge — so named not because it’s a food challenge for children, but because at nine pounds, it’s about the weight of a large newborn baby. The fry-up is 6,000 calories, and contains 12 sausages, 12 rashers of bacon, six eggs, four black puddings, four slices of bread and butter, four slices of toast, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, a four-egg cheese and potato omelet, sautéed potatoes, and two hash browns. It must be completed in an hour, and only one person has ever pulled it off.

Jester’s Diner: Great Yarmouth, England

Jester’s Diner in the U.K. The fry-up is 6,000 calories, and contains 12 sausages, 12 rashers of bacon, six eggs, four black puddings, four slices of bread and butter, four slices of toast, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, a four-egg cheese and potato omelet, sautéed potatoes, and two hash browns. It must be completed in an hour, and only one person has ever pulled it off.

27. The Big Texan Steak Ranch: Amarillo, Texas

The Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo offers a “free” 72-ounce steak — it’s free only if you finish it in under an hour. If you don’t, it costs $72. Nearly 9,000 of the 50,000 who have tried have finished the steak, with the speed record being held by famed competitive eater Joey Chestnut, who finished it in just under nine minutes. Though she wasn’t the fastest, a 120-pound woman named Molly Schuyler finished two of these steaks in 20 minutes.

26. The Jack-N-Grill: Denver, Colo.

The Jack-N-Grill is the home to the seven-pound breakfast burrito. This gigantic monstrosity doesn’t have a time limit, you just can’t go to the bathroom while eating it. Winners get a photo on the wall, but female winners also get free meals for life. It includes seven potatoes, 12 eggs, and an entire pound of ham. declared the burrito to be the least healthy food in Colorado, but to be honest, fewer people are finishing these than are finishing Big Macs.

25. Clinton Station Diner: Clinton, N.J.

The world’s largest burger is in Clinton, New Jersey, and it weighs in at 105 pounds. They call it the “8th Wonder of the World,” and they allow teams of up to 10 to attempt to complete it in under an hour. The large team still means an insane amount of food per person, which is probably why no team has ever won the challenge, which offers a $5,000 reward.

24. Batter Up Pancakes: Fresno, Calif.

The “Grand Slam Challenge” at Batter Up Pancakes consists of eating a 25-inch pancake in under 45 minutes. Oh, and the pancake is topped with 10 scrambled eggs, four ingredients of your choice in one-cup portions, as well as a cup of cheese and two cups of potatoes. Only two have won the challenge, which has earned them a free meal, a t-shirt, and a picture on the wall.

23. The Edinboro Hotel: Edinboro, Pa.

The “Loch Ness Monster Challenge” at the Edinboro Hotel involves eating a massive melt with a pound-and-a-half of steak on a loaf of Italian bread, along with a pound of hot sausage, a pound of meatballs, sautéed mushrooms, peppers, and onions, provolone cheese, and marinara sauce. You’ve got an hour and a half to finish it, and can only use the restroom “under proper supervision.” Winners get the sandwich free and a picture on the wall; otherwise, it’s $45.

22. The Fat Sandwich Company: Champaign, Ill.

This sandwich could only ever have been assembled in a college town: The “Big Fat Ugly Challenge” has 20 ingredients, including four cheeseburgers, gyro meat, pork roll, onion rings, mozzarella sticks, jalapeño poppers, chicken fingers, and chicken nuggets. If that wasn’t enough, for the sandwich to be free, you need to eat it in under 15 minutes. That’s right: you have a quarter of an hour to eat what could well be the last sandwich you'll ever eat.

21. Mama’s on the Hill: St. Louis, Mo.

Mama’s Pasta Challenge” dares the eater to finish not only a giant bowl of pasta, but a gigantic, melon-sized two-pound meatball that rests atop the bowl. So logistically, you have to eat the giant meatball before you dig into the giant bowl of spaghetti. If you finish it, you get a t-shirt, and your night’s worth of indigestion is free of charge. There is mercifully no stated time limit on this challenge.

20. Round Rock Donuts: Round Rock, Texas

This iconic spot in Round Rock, Texas, claims that people start lining up at 4 a.m. to get their hands on the store's "famous yellow donuts." A place this popular (it’s been around since 1926!) obviously has a challenge to go along with their tradition. The challenge is to consume a two-pound doughnut, which is about the equivalent of a dozen doughnuts.

19. Seiad Valley Store and Café: Seiad Valley, Calif.

This challenge may feature pancakes, but participants eat enough food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner during this event. The restaurant serves breakfast and brunch classics in large portions. Competitors in the "Pancake Challenge" are given five pounds of pancakes, topped off with butter and syrup. Guests need to finish the meal in two hours or less and it’s free.

18. Crown Candy Kitchen: St. Louis, Mo.

This simple challenge has been a tradition at the Crown Candy Kitchen since their opening in 1913. Anyone who can drink five malts in half an hour gets the treats for free. With flavors like cherry, marshmallow, chocolate banana, and pineapple, guests have options to choose from, but all of them need to be ordered at the same time according to the challenge regulations.

17. Sushi Delight: Lomita, Calif.

Participants may not feel "delightful" after this challenge! At Sushi Delight, guests can participate in the Godzilla Roll challenge, which consists of a six-pound roll filled with various kinds of fish and topped with a special blend of house sauces. Those who complete the challenge in 60 minutes win a picture on the wall, a T-shirt, and of course, bragging rights.

16. Cowtown Diner: Fort Worth, Texas

The Cowtown Diner is home to the world’s largest chicken-fried steak. If you finish the 64-ounce hunk of meat (which, by the way, is drenched in white gravy and bacon grease), along with six pounds of mashed potatoes and 10 slices of Texas toast, your meal is comped, and you get a t-shirt and a picture on the wall. No word on whether the restaurant will pay for your inevitable quadruple-bypass surgery.

15. Jake’s Sandwich Board: Philadelphia, Pa.

At this Philly restaurant, guests can participate in a challenge in honor of the hometown favorite, Philly cheesesteaks. The challenge is to consume a two-foot Philly cheesesteak (filled with their house-roasted vegetables and meats), four soft pretzels, one box of TastyKakes, 24 mini peanut chews, and one cherry soda. Winners get their photo added to the hall of fame, and if they consume the meal in less than 45 minutes, it’s free!

14. Lone Star Bar and Grill: Brooklyn, N.Y.

Lone Star Bar and Grill may not be in Texas, but the challenge at this Brooklyn restaurant is in true, larger-than-life Texan style. The challenge is straightforward: participants have to eat an 87-ounce slab of beef with a side of their choosing. If they complete the challenge, they win a T-shirt. If they fail, they have to pay for all the meat they consumed.

13. Port Royal Pub & Grille: Islip, N.Y.

Port Royal Pub & Grille has not just one challenge, but two! One focuses on seafood while the other features meat. The one we're focusing on, the "Davey Jones Locker Challenge," is for seafood lovers. The meal could reasonably serve four to six people, but participants must wolf down the meal on their own. The challenge consists of two pounds of snow crab leg clusters, one pound of jumbo shrimp skewers, one pound of steamed mussels, one pound of fried clam strips, and the restaurant's signature twin jumbo seafood stuffed flounder. Oh, and it also includes soup or salad and two family-sized sides.

12. Randy’s Wooster Street Pizza: Manchester, Conn.

This pizza joint calls their challenge "The Challenger," and for good reason. The pizza is 22 inches (and 10 pounds!) and stuffed with "a combination too big to list." Guests participate in pairs, and if two people can consume the stuffed pizza in a one-hour sitting, it’s free. Winners get a picture on the wall, a hat, and a $50 dollar gift card.

11. San Francisco Creamery Co.: Walnut Creek, Calif.

This ice cream shop is scooping some daunting sundaes. Their "Kitchen Sink" challenge includes pretty much everything but. The actual sundae is even served in one of the Creamery's specially made “sink” bowls, and includes three bananas, eight scoops of your choice of ice creams, eight servings of toppings, mounds of whipped cream, and chopped toasted almonds and cherries. The shop says it serves six, but one person can take on the pound of dessert (if they dare). If you complete the challenge in less than 30 minutes, you get a spot on the wall and free ice cream for a year!

10. Munchies 420 Café: Sarasota, Fla.

Munchies 420 Café prides itself on fresh-cooked food, late-night delivery, and huge portions. The place is known for its "fat" sandwiches, which are stuffed with items like mac and cheese and mozzarella sticks, but the challenge here features super-hot spicy wings. The sauce is deadly, based on the hottest chile in the world, the bhut jolokia Ghost Pepper. Participants are challenged to eat 10 of these super spicy wings in 20 minutes. Winners end up on the wall of fame; losers end up on the wall of shame.

9. Piranha’s Bar & Grill: Nashville, Tenn.


Piranha’s Bar & Grill has only paid out the $100 prize for finishing their 10-pound cheesesteak once — -which makes sense, because even a half-pound cheesesteak doesn’t sit easy in the stomach. The challenge includes slaw and fries, which are not on the side, but rather are in the cheesesteak itself. It costs a full $75 to buy the sandwich, and it needs to be completed within an hour.

8. BGR, The Burger Joint

This small restaurant chain has a menu filled with noteworthy burgers, but one in particular stands out to those wanting to truly indulge: the 9 Pounder. The meat itself is nine pounds, but with condiments and toppings, the entire burger weighs in at 15.4 pounds. Two heads of lettuce, eight tomatoes, three red onions, four whole pickles, and a whole lot of mayo go into this massive burger. If one person can eat the entire thing in one sitting, it’s free.

7. Phở Garden: San Francisco, Calif.

Phở Garden invites phở lovers to indulge in a massive bowl filled with the restaurant’s signature soup. Three bowls of the restaurant's Xe Lua soup is poured into one giant bowl, which adds up to two pounds of noodles and two pounds of combination beef. If you can slurp down the meal in less than 60 minutes, it’s on the house and your photo will go on the wall of fame.

6. Acme Oyster House: New Orleans, La.

Participants have to eat 15 dozen oysters (180 total) on the half-shell and have an hour to slurp down the seafood. Winners of this challenge get more than bragging rights; they are welcomed into the "15 Dozen Club" at this institution of a New Orleans restaurant. (The restaurant has been serving its legendary oysters since 1910.)

5. Papa Bob’s Bar-B-Que: Kansas City, Kan.

Kansas City is known for its insane barbecue, and Papa Bob’s takes this insanity to the next level with its "Ultimate Destroyer Challenge." This barbecue delight is a massive sandwich, composed of a 12-inch hoagie bun, a half-pound of pulled pork, a half-pound of hickory-smoked sliced pork, a half-pound of hickory-smoked ham, a half-pound of hickory-smoked turkey breast, three half-pound hickory-smoked hamburgers, a half-pound of smoked brisket, smoked BBQ sausages, and plenty of sauce. Oh, and did we mention it comes with one and a half pounds of fries and four pickles? If you succeed, you’ll get your picture on the Papa Bob’s Wall of Fame, a Papa Bob’s t-shirt, an “I survived the Ultimate Destroyer” button, and bragging rights.

4. Mallie’s Sports Bar & Grill: Southgate, Mich.

This sports bar claims that it, and not the Clinton Station Diner, serves the world’s largest burger, so it is only fitting it has a challenge to go along with it. The "Hellfire Hat Trick" challenge is so hot that participants are required to sign a waiver before they start eating! The challenge tasks participants to consume one Hellfire burger (think: a 1/2 lb. Angus burger blended with Mallie’s fire sauce, jalapenos, red pepper flakes, ghost chile powder, buffalo sauce and topped with pepper-jack cheese), six Hellfire wings, and one bowl of Hellfire chili all in 30 minutes. The best part? Winners receive free burgers for an entire year.

3. Paddy Long’s: Chicago, Ill.

The name of the challenge at Paddy Long’s is straightforward: "The Bomb." Participants have 45 minutes to eat The Bomb, which is five pounds of ground sausage, pork, and beef mixed with spices and then all wrapped in a weave of brown sugar bacon (yes, it is meat wrapped in meat). TheBomb is then cooked in the pig roaster and served with a large side of fries. Winners get a T-shirt and their picture on the wall of fame.

2. Nitally's Thai-Mex Cuisine: St. Petersburg, Fla.

The Inferno Soup Challenge at Nitally’s ThaiMex Cuisine combines two food challenge components in one; not only is the sheer quantity of food challenging, but it is also incredibly spicy. The soup is served in a 48-ounce bowl and contains 12 kinds of peppers from around the world. The spiciest chile used is the bhut jolokia, also known as the Ghost Pepper. Many have attempted the scorching soup, but few have succeeded in consuming the massive bowl in the time limit of 30 minutes.

1. Stadium Grill: Columbia, Mo.

The Hail Mary Challenge at Stadium Grill is a beast — and many have failed to conquer it. The burger has just about everything on it, and a lot of it at that. It starts with five pounds of beef, and is then topped with bacon, pulled pork, three cheeses, onion rings, and fried eggs, all served with a pound of fries. Challengers have one hour to finish the meal, and the winner is given the $49.99 meal for free, plus a $50 gift card for every month for one year or until the next person wins and he or she is dethroned.

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