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Glenmorangie & Thomas Pink Collaborate on Perfect Whisky & Shirt Pairings

Glenmorangie & Thomas Pink Collaborate on Perfect Whisky & Shirt Pairings

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With both Glenmorangie Single Malt whiskies and Thomas Pink shirts being referred to as having "unnecessarily well made" craftsmanship in their respective products, it should come to little surprise that the brands have partnered for three unique pairings of whiskies and shirts for scotch lovers. Since clothing doesn't offer any kind of flavor value, the Glenmorangie pairings are based on male archetypes rather than classic beverage-to-other-product couplings.

The first is called "The Classic Gentleman" and it brings together the backbone products from each line. On the single malt scotch side, there's the Glenmorangie Original which has been chosen to accompany a Thomas Pink's Classic White Shirt. Together, these items are considered a perfect fit for a sophisticated, knowledgeable man with timeless class and style.


The second is "The Discerning Adventurer" and is tailored to confident guys who, while still having an appreciation for the classic, enjoy an innovative spirit and indulge in new discoveries of life's pleasures. The pairing brings together the Lasanta Sherry Cask Finish single malt (aged for 12-years) and the subtly vibrant Bengal Stripe Shirt, which features bold colorings and rare East Indian fabrics.

The third pairing, named "The Ultimate Perfectionist," is (as you may have now guessed) a combination of some of the absolute finest products available from each line. This means the Glenmorangie Signet, a celebration of everything the scotch producers have perfected over their 170-year history, and shirts from Thomas Pink's Imperial Collection, which features incredibly well-crafted shirts made from the highest quality materials from the company. This pairing is described as being made for "the ambitious man who seeks out precious and rare items" and who aims to experience the best of the best.

To celebrate this interesting collaboration, the two companies will be hosting a private shopping event at Thomas Pink's flagship location in New York City, alongside Glenmorangie Master Brand Ambassador David Blackmore.

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