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Cozonac pufos umplut - Foszlos Fonott Kalacs

Cozonac pufos umplut - Foszlos Fonott Kalacs

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I warmed the milk so that it was warm and dissolved the salt, sugar and yeast in it and left it to rise in a warm place for 35 minutes.

In a large bowl I put the flour and I added the leavened mayonnaise and the 8 yolks and I kneaded well until the dough became homogeneous.

I added the 10 tablespoons of melted margarine and kneaded for 15 minutes ... then I left the dough aside, covered until it doubled in volume.

I greased the forms with oil and covered them with flour.

I divided the dough as follows: I made two cakes into braids (3 pieces + 3 pieces), and I left two in one piece, simple.

For the cream I rubbed the foam the 500 g master frame with sugar, cocoa and vanilla sugar.

I spread the 3 sheets that I smeared with cream on each one and I rolled them ... after which I braided them ... and I put it in shape ... then I left it to leaven again 45 minutes. Before putting them in the oven, I greased them with egg yolk.

I did the same with the other braided cake. And I rolled the other two, not before greasing them and putting them in shapes.

Leave in the oven for 35-40 minutes (depending on each oven).

After removing them, place them in the form on one side and cover them with a clean towel. After they have cooled completely, we take them out of the molds.

Cheese pies

Put the yeast and a teaspoon of sugar in a small bowl with 50 ml of warm (not hot) water. Let the maya activate.

Sift the flour, add a pinch of salt. Make a place, add the yeast and mix very lightly, then add eggs, warm milk. Knead lightly, by hand, until smooth and you get an elastic dough, not sticky at all. Cover with a clean towel and set aside to leaven.

I turn on the oven at this point, over low heat and place the bowl of dough on top of the stove. Its heat is only suitable for leavening the dough.

In a bowl, crumble the cottage cheese, add sour cream, eggs, maple syrup and grated lemon peel. Stir vigorously with a spoon, then add the semolina and mix 2-3 times. The composition is left to cool until the moment of use.

Note: if the cottage cheese is more watery, I recommend 2-3 lg of extra semolina.

Once leavened, the dough is transferred to a floured countertop, portioned according to preference and spread in suitable discs, not very thick, but not very thin. In one half of each dough disk, place 1-2 lg with cheese composition, cover with the other half of the dough and press the edges with a fork.

Each pie is placed in a tray provided with baking paper and left to warm.

Before putting the pies in the oven, grease them with beaten egg.

Bake at 170 degrees C, about 25-30 minutes, until nicely browned.

Remove, quickly grease with hot water, then cover with a clean towel and leave to cool.

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