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5 on Friday: Oh-So-Adorable Foodie Valentines

5 on Friday: Oh-So-Adorable Foodie Valentines

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Each Friday, we share five things that are getting buzz around the Cooking Light offices—from what we’re reading around the Web, to what’s hot on Instagram, or even our latest favorite ingredient.

I am a sucker for Valentine's cards. In elementary school, I looked forward to the day we could bring our beautifully-wrapped shoe boxes to class, wait as each person slipped a valentine into the adorned boxes, and then dig in to see all the cards and candy and cuteness. I'm a year from entering my 30s, and I haven't had a valentine in quite some time, but I look forward to the holiday of hearts and happiness each year.

Eating healthy should still be delicious.

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If passing out Valentine's Day cards were workplace-appropriate (we have rules about these things, you know), each and every co-worker would be greeted by an adorably decorated pun-filled card. Instead, I've compiled a list of my favorite food pun Valentine's cards. I donut much, but I know I love them.

Clay Leaf Print Art

Make some clay leaf print art to use as shallow dishes or relief sculpture for display! Easy and effective enough for all ages to enjoy and be involved in and a wonderful way to explore nature through art.

This is such a lovely, simple nature craft that’s lovely for Autumn and Spring in particular. It’s great as part of a topic exploring the shape and patterns in leaves and can be done by even the littlest hands with a bit of help. It’s particularly good for a group project as the pack of clay can be shared out into many pieces for everyone to have a go at the same time.

The metallic paint is what makes these look so fab so I’ll link the type we used in our products list below.

Milk Jug Elmer Elephant Craft

Make an Elmer the elephant using a milk jug and coloured tissue paper squares! A great craft for kids to go along with a much-loved story book which can be used as a story prop or puppet too.

This is a classic craft that we were doing back when we were teaching and it is always popular as a way to celebrate the beloved Elmer character from David McKee’s wonderful story books. If you don’t already know Elmer and his beautiful, patchwork design, you’ll be in for a treat when you discover this book with your little ones!

Materials needed for this milk jug Elmer elephant craft:

1 (or more) empty and clean milk jug containers

brightly coloured tissue paper cut into equal size and shape squares

PVA/ white glue and brushes

Stand the milk jug up and cut into it just below the handle. This will form the elephant’s trunk. Then cut off the entire bottom half of the jug and cut four legs into it, as well as a little tail. Done!

We simply looked at the pictures in our Elmer book, then set out tissue paper and glue and started to stick. We talked about the squares needing to touch each other all of the way around his body, and that there should be no gaps. I helped start them off in a straight line, then they were very independent in continuing on their own.

Where some of the colours overlapped the colours occasionally bled into each other, but this looked lovely and we agreed that it improved his design even more! Once they were covered they added another wash of glue over the top to make it dry hard and shiny. It didn’t take long at all, and then we came back to them to add ears and eyes.

The ears were made by cutting equal sized pieces of white card into semi circles, with a tab at the bottom so we could bend it and glue onto the body. They stuck the colours onto the ears before we attached them, then we trimmed around the edges where it had overlapped.

The eyes were simply white circles cut from card, with black pupils drawn with Sharpie markers.

All done and looking oh-so-adorable! These make a great puppet or story-telling prop and it would be fun to make some of the other elephants from the story, both in their usual grey colour and in their decorations from the Elmer’s day parade! Kids could make up their own designs and be as inventive as they can.

The children are currently: 5, 4 and 2.

What they are learning as they play:

maths: making a patchwork using repeating squares

creativity: junk model making, sculptural art, overlapping, layering, experimenting with colour

literacy: using props and puppets for story-telling, brining story characters to life through games and retelling

physical: fine motor skills and coordination, working on a vertical plane

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