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Travel Blogs: Burgers in London and More

Travel Blogs: Burgers in London and More

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In this week's Link Love, Italian meats and cheeses, plus clam pies from New Haven's favorite pizzeria

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• Katie Parla talks burgers at Bukowski, a London eatery where burgers are cooked in a Josper charcoal oven. [Parla Eats]

• Maggie Batista of Eat Boutique shares her favorite Paris eats — and the wonder of Rice Krispies treats. [Lost in Cheeseland]

• New Haven, Conn.'s best pizza? Frank Pepe's Pizzeria Napoletana — try the clam pie. [Gastrolust]

• Lannae Long and Laura Wilson of Nashville's Grow Local Kitchen share Wilson's recipe for oyster stew. [Lannae's Food and Travel]

• Fontina, Montasio, boudin, speck — it's cheese and meat galore in the Italian alps. [Walks of Italy]

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