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A Peek into the South Beach Festival's Grand Tasting Village

A Peek into the South Beach Festival's Grand Tasting Village

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Crowds, booze and a fair share of celebrities. It's what you typically find on a Miami Beach weekend. But, the Whole Foods Market Grand Tasting Village, part of the 2014 South Beach Wine & Food Festival, brought a new flavor to the beach on Sunday. The day was scorching in true Miami fashion, yet that didn't stop hundreds of festival-goers from taking in an abundance of food, drinks and celebrity chefs at every turn.

The event was hosted on the beach near 13th Street and Ocean Drive, and showcased tent after tent of some of the most popular, and soon-to-be-famous, brands. From hot pressed Cuban sandwiches and homemade tomato sauces to fresh caviar and even blood sausage hors d'oeuvres, the mix of food truly ran the gamut. Our very own South Florida eateries were present, including SuViche; Red, The Steakhouse; and Fratelli la Bufala, who had one of the longer lines of people waiting to taste its fresh bufalo mozzarella.

Flanking the grand tents were several pop-ups that served as entertainment upon arrival. The Hollywood Hard Rock Hotel & Casino hosted a beach bash with complimentary cockails and bites, including pulled pork sliders that were actually very good. The nearby Celebrity Cruises tent grilled up delicious, juicy lamb chops, and Casa Barilla, hosted by the famous Italian food company, served a couple of savory pasta dishes and even offered cooking demos. The Cruzan Rum bar, a little oasis between the two grand tastings tents, featured a steel drum band and delicious, refreshing mojitos. We tried the key lime variety and loved it.

The KitchenAid Culinary Demonstrations on two stages were just as fulfilling as the fare. We caught part of Giada De Laurentiis, who was as vibrant as she is on television, and was great at helping on-stage guests learn proper cooking techniques. The husband and wife duo of Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos also teamed up for a demo and were super charming and fun. Debi spilled the details on how they met in Florence thirteen years ago, and about their recent culinary travels for their Cooking Channel show Extra Virgin, which is debuting its fourth season in April.

Miami's Books & Books hosted a celebrity chef cookbook signing throughout the day. This was one of the highlights for us, and the lines were suprisingly short. We met chef and Food Network personality Anne Burrell, Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, and Paula Deen, who was making her first public appearance in nearly a year with her husband and sons. All were very gracious and seemed happy to greet their fans.

The festival's Grand Tasting really was grand, and complemented a satisfying weekend of dining, drinking and soirées. Until next year, here's to another fabulous South Beach Wine & Food Festival!

Paula Deen and the road to redemption

A standard American testimonial must have a happy ending. Once lost, the subject has to be found. The messy details have to be shoehorned into a tidy narrative arc that dips before soaring greatly. Failure &mdash sometimes spectacular failure &mdash is a necessary part of the story otherwise what is there to climb back from? So it’s no surprise that on Sunday, Paula Deen, the celebrity chef who fell from grace after charges of racism, “staged a comeback,” as the newspapers put it, by telling a crowd of adoring fans: “I am not a quitter.”

While not mentioning the details of the accusations &mdash that she said she wanted to stage a “true Southern plantation-style wedding” for her brother Bubba complete with a “bunch of little n******” in antebellum costumes &mdash Deen told the crowd at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival that if they hadn’t heard her apologize already she was going to do it again, right there while cooking chicken and dumplings. Whether Deen is sincere in her apology is between her and God. But what’s certainly true is that Deen is caught up in her own story of sweet redemption.

A few years ago I saw Deen tell her life story to an intimate crowd. The tale, recounted in her memoir, is genuinely inspirational. Deen was unhappily married at 18, had a child at 19, and lost both her parents by age 23. She then fell into a monumental two-decade depression during which she almost never left the house. Agoraphobia left her nothing to do but stay at home and cook, which is how she became a chef. What struck me at the time was how deeply Deen inhabited the tale of her dark decades. She spoke about that time like she’d just climbed out of it, even though more than 20 years had passed. There was no evidence of present-day suffering &mdash her hair was perfect, her diamonds glittered, her mink coat was draped over a chair &mdash and yet nearly everyone in the room cried (me included). The takeaway: When she’s recounting the arc, she is living it.

Recently Caity Weaver wrote a fantastic story on Gawker about going on a Paula Deen cruise. The best part of the piece is Deen’s interactions with Brad Turner, a chef known as the Grill Sergeant who was one of the few African-Americans on the cruise. Here is the story that Deen told several times during the cruise about how she and Turner had first met at a cooking show in Dallas:

As the story goes, Brad was alone on stage, singing a song he had just dedicated to Paula Paula, in another part of the auditorium, heard his voice and, wonderstruck, rushed the stage to see what angelic creature was capable of producing such a melody. They met. They danced. A Grill Officer and a Lady.

It’s possible, of course, that this story is true. But as Weaver points out, it would be a right well coincidence, for the obvious reason that “One of them could use a famous friend right about now, and one of them could do with a black one.” But Deen will not only repeat the story many times on the cruise, she will also re-enact it, hearing Turner sing “My Cherie Amour” and then rushing over to him as if it’s the first time all over again, as if she didn’t even know he was there, telling her husband, “It’s the Grill Sergeant! No one told me he was coming!”

For people like Paula Deen there really is no difference between the truth and the stories she tells herself. Some people on that cruise &mdash and no doubt at the food festival &mdash will gravitate to her now for unsavory reasons, believing that she too is secretly incensed that a white person can’t have a plantation-style wedding anymore. Some people just crave a story that ends how it’s supposed to: “You don’t need to apologize!” they yelled in South Beach. “We want you back, Paula!”

One measure of sincere remorse is that the person apologizing doesn’t profit from the error, does not immediately get to spin it into a story of ultimate triumph. But these days, when more than ever “losing is the new winning,” we are unlikely to see that from our celebrities. Deen for sure is not looking back. At the end of her event, urged by celebrity chef Robert Irvine, who was accused of resume fraud, she straddled his back and yelled, “I’m back in the saddle!” She may not get a second chance on the Food Network, and she may not even have another best-selling cookbook, but in America there are a million places to win from losing, and Deen will surely ride off to one of them.

1. Cage dive with sharks

With as much as 98 species of sharks swimming around in the South African waters, there’s no way you’d ever dare to take a dive in here. But thanks to professionals dedicated to the thrill and safety on the other hand, you have the opportunity to cage dive amidst many ferocious sharks. This activity though is an extreme adventure but it is safe and also intends to aware humans that many shark species mean no harm to us. This is one of the best travel experiences in the world, without doubt, and surely is one of the best things to do in Cape Town.

Organizers: Apex Shark Expeditions, Shark Bookings and Shark Zone

Charges for cage diving in Cape Town: INR 13,000 approximately

When Ray first met her husband, John Cusimano, she tried to set him up with her friend.

“I was going to set him up with a friend of mine – another handsome Italian man – and he said, ‘Oh, I’m not gay,'” Ray told People.

The couple ended up talking until 4 a.m. They were married on September 24, 2005, in an Italian castle before honeymooning in Africa.

“We actually like each other, have a lot of the same interests, and find it sexy to share bad behaviour, like staying up too late, eating the wrong foods, and listening to loud music,” Ray said.

The Beach Times

Dennis is full of great activities, and where you spend your time likely depends on your vacation rental's location.

In Dennis Port and West Dennis, you'll have direct access to Nantucket Sound and incredible beaches like Sea Street, Glendon Road, Haigis, and West Dennis.

Those staying in Dennis Village and East Dennis, on the other hand, will find Cold Storage Beach, Corporation Beach, Chapin Memorial Beach, and Mayflower Beach, all on Cape Cod Bay, easily accessible.

When traveling between Cape Cod Bay and Nantucket Sound on Route 134, you'll pass through South Dennis, the town's lone village without ocean access. After crossing over the Mid-Cape Highway, you'll enter a commercial and industrial zone that might not look like much, but is actually full of great activities for the entire family.

You might miss out on these activities if you don't know what you're looking for, so be sure to research these great attractions before your arrival.

Cape Cod Rail Trail

The entrance to the Cape Cod Rail Trail in South Dennis is a little hidden, but, rest assured, there is a parking lot just north of the Bank of America building on Route 134. You'll pass under the bridge in this area, which signals the lot's location.

Once you get on the Rail Trail, you can head as far north as Wellfleet or ride west to Yarmouth. There are plenty of places to stop along the trail, as it winds through seven Cape Cod towns while passing ponds, forests, and restaurants along the way.

If you didn't bring your bike, there are two rental shops – Barb's Bike Shop and the Dennis Cycle Center – in this section of South Dennis, as well.

Tony Kent Arena

Turning off Route 134 onto Theophilus F. Smith Road and then South Gages Way will take you to Tony Kent Arena. This skating rink is well into South Dennis's industrial zone but worth visiting if you want to hit the ice on your vacation.

The arena is open throughout the summer, so have a look at their schedule to see when they have drop-in ice available for visitors.

You might also visit the arena because of its notoriety. That's because Tony Kent Area is where Nancy Kerrigan trained for the 1994 Olympics following the physical attack on her arranged by rival Tonya Harding. In fact, the attack almost took place at a training session at Tony Kent Arena, but Kerrigan had already left by the time the assailant arrived at the rink. The assault ended up happening at a later event in Detroit.

For a short time, the media circus surrounding this area made it the most famous in the country, and you'll have the chance to step on the ice while on the Cape.

Cartwheels Family Fun Center

Across the street from the rink, you'll come across Cartwheels Family Fun Center. This venue might be a bit hidden by its obscure location, but it provides hours of family fun thanks to its go-karts, batting cages, arcade, speed pitch game, and trampoline basketball court. The center also has an ice cream shop.

There are numerous pricing options for your visit, as you can pay per game, buy bulk tickets, or purchase a bracelet that gives you access to a little bit of everything.

Cartwheels Family Fun Center is generally only open on weekends between mid-April and Labor Day Weekend. Still, if you're in the South Dennis area, this family-owned operation is worth checking out.

Devil's Purse Brewing Company

Devil's Purse Brewing is around the corner from Cartwheels Family Fun Center and an excellent place to stop if you're looking to grab a few beers to bring back to your vacation rental. This local brewery first opened its doors in 2013 and is a Cape Cod favorite because of its simple, yet delicious, beer offerings.

The brewery is best known for its Handline Kölsch, a German-style beer that you can pick-up in a four-pack or 12-pack. You'll also find rotating taps featuring various IPAs, ales, and stouts, all of which are usually available in four-packs.

Devil's Purse is a beer-only venue, so you can't get any food, but you can hang out in the taproom to enjoy a tasting flight if you aren't sure which option to buy. Keep in mind that there isn't any indoor seating, although the brewery does have a few picnic tables you can use if the weather cooperates.

Patriot Square Plaza

Perhaps the most visible attraction in South Dennis's industrial zone is Patriot Square Plaza, a major shopping center on Route 134. This mall is popular with locals because it offers one-stop shopping with a grocery store, clothing stores, an insurance office, and a drug store. At the same time, visitors will appreciate its restaurants and liquor store.

Patriot Square Plaza is also home to Entertainment Cinemas, so if you want to catch a movie in the evening after a day spent enjoying South Dennis's other attractions, this shopping center has you covered.

Enjoying What South Dennis Has to Offer

With so much going on near Dennis's waterfront areas, visitors often overlook South Dennis. However, that shouldn't be the case because its central position means you're only minutes from Cape Cod Bay and Nantucket Sound while having easy access to the Mid-Cape Highway and Route 28.

South Dennis also has a myriad of activities to call its own, so if you have a vacation rental in this village, you'll never be short on things to do with the entire family.

South Beach Wine & Food Festival 2020: 3 counties, 5 days, 111 events . and a gazillion calories

Round up the sunscreen, Advil and stretchy pants. It’s time for the annual roaming bacchanal known as the South Beach Wine & Food Festival. The 19th edition will feature a mind-boggling, gut-busting 111 events spread across three counties and five days (Feb. 19-Feb. 23), with foodies, celebrity chefs and Food Network personalities ricocheting around South Florida.

The festival’s name and focus remains “South Beach,” with signature events again taking place in huge, white tents along the southern sands of Miami Beach. With plastic wine glasses on necklaces dangling to free up hands, thousands will congregate for the Grand Tasting Village and fan favorites such as the Burger Bash (hosted by Rachael Ray), Italian Bites (hosted by Giada De Laurentiis) and a Beachside BBQ (hosted by Guy Fieri).

But in recent years the festival also has been swallowing South Florida whole, with a growing presence in Palm Beach County (two events this year) and a steady presence in Broward (10 events, down from 12 last year).

“The more the merrier,” says Lee Brian Schrager, the festival’s founder and executive director. With a broader audience in mind, Schrager says the festival has created more family-friendly and pet-friendly events and has been mindful of lower pricing (37 events this year are priced at $100 or below). Most events, including wine dinners at upscale restaurants and grazing affairs with free-flowing cocktails, are restricted to those 21 and older.

Among the new family-friendly events: a pair of “foodie movie nights” taking place Feb. 21-22 (Friday and Saturday) at Peter Bluesten Park in Hallandale Beach (501 SE First Ave). Tickets cost $25 for adults, $10 for those under 21. Snacks and wine are included. TV personality Valerie Bertinelli will host a screening of “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs” on Saturday, and pastry chef/chocolatier Jacques Torres will host a screening of “The Hundred-Foot Journey" on Friday.

A week before the festival, 47 of 111 events were sold out. Proceeds go to Florida International University’s Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, where budding local chefs and entrepreneurs are educated. The festival has raised more than $30 million for the school since its inception.

Everything from high-end haute cuisine to humble sandwiches will be prepped, cooked and ripe for the tasting. To appreciate the range and scope of the festival, consider the diverse pair of Mauros taking part: Internationally acclaimed chef Mauro Colagreco and Food Network host Jeff Mauro.

Colagreco wears the current crown of world’s top chef after his Mirazur restaurant in southern France was named No. 1 in the annual World’s 50 Best competition last June. The Argentine-born Colagreco will host a $500-a-head dinner on Friday Feb. 21 at his excellent Florie’s restaurant at the Four Seasons Palm Beach. A handful of tickets remain for the 84-seat dinner. It will be the top-priced ticket at this year’s festival, apart from the annual tribute dinner at the Loews Miami Beach (Feb. 22) honoring chef Marcus Samuelsson (also $500).

“Food is very subjective, but we are very proud to be No. 1 [at Mirazur] this year,” Colagreco said during a December visit to Florie’s. “It’s good for the team, it’s good for the business, it’s good for my other restaurants.”

This will be Colagreco’s second Sobefest appearance, his first since a 2009 cooking demonstration and promotion for Perrier Jouet champagne with chef Daniel Boulud. “That was in a tent on the beach,” Colagreco says. “I’m so happy to come back to do it again at the Four Seasons.”

Also returning is Jeff Mauro, a former comic and improv performer turned Food Network star and self-professed “Sandwich King.”

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At the time, the pair's carefully crafted drinks were among the first to be stirred with custom-made ice and fresh herbs straight from the patio garden, launching a trend in the Miami cocktail scene. But Orta insists he wasn't doing anything different &mdash he was simply doing what he loved.

Orta and Zvi created their own brand of cool again with the Anderson, a neighborhood bar they reimagined as an '80s-era dance-club-inspired hot spot that garnered praise as one of Esquire's 2018 picks for best new bar. Three venues in one, it begins with a piano bar that leads to an outdoor hipster hangout à la Broken Shaker and ends with a trip to the Caribbean at a street-style rum shack.

Just like crafting a new concept or constructing a balanced drink, there's specific criteria that make up a great mixologist, Orta says. A good bartender isn't just the person making an award-winning drink. It's about bringing style, personality, and life to the bar. Where before it was just one type of bartender, now you're seeing plenty of creativity from experts who bring their unique vibe and energy to your cocktail experience.

"The bartender is the curator of your evening," Orta says. "For me, they're like the DJ when you go to a party. It's the person in charge of the room, directing every part of your experience. It's not just about a perfectly balanced cocktail. It's also the perfect balance of fun, conversation, and mood."

During the 18th-annual South Beach Wine & Food Festival, you can find many of South Florida's top bartenders shaking things up at a number of events geared toward the art of the cocktail. Here are the ones to look out for.

Midnight Eats: An Española Way Block Party, hosted by Bar Lab, Debi Mazar, and Gabriele Corcos and featuring music by Rev Run. Look for Orta at Midnight Eats, a late-night event that will transport you to a midnight market in some far-off country. That translates to not only his specialty &mdash lots of fresh ingredients &mdash but also something he's really into right now: fermented juices. The two-block oasis will be tucked away in South Beach's Art Deco District, while '90s icon Rev Run of Run-D.M.C. will bring the beats while you sip drinks conceived by Orta himself. Wash down all of those salty, sweet, savory treats while bathed in the twinkling lights and historic charm of this secluded area that channels the romantic Mediterranean villages of Spain and France. Midnight to 2 a.m. Saturday, February 23, at the entrance at Washington Avenue and Española Way, Miami Beach. Tickets cost $95 via

Bacardi Presents the Art of Tiki Cocktail Showdown, hosted by Ted Allen. Get your tiki on at the Surfcomber, where Ted Allen, author and host of the Food Network series Chopped, will lead an evening of Polynesian pop and tiki-inspired cocktails. The festival has rounded up some of the best bartenders from South Florida and beyond &mdash including David Cedeno of MiniBar, TJ Palmieri of Madrina's, Jesus Perez of Broken Shaker Miami, Emiliano Gonzalez of Casa Florida, Daniele Dalla Pola of Esotico Miami, Andres Rairan of Social Club, and Anthony Valencia of Driftway Bar &mdash to compete for the title "King of Tiki." Allen will join an esteemed panel of judges to evaluate the contestants' rum-centric libations while you sip the entries and nibble on a selection of small bites from some of the area's most buzzed-about spots. 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. Friday, February 22, at the Kimpton Surfcomber, 1717 Collins Ave., Miami Beach. Tickets are sold out.

Cocktail Creating Master Class. Let Sipsmith brand ambassador JP Calabria show you how to make a drink the old-fashioned way: with a few bar skills. Learn to mix cocktails like a master as you swirl, clink, and create the afternoon away in a hip setting while sipping drinks you made with Sipsmith gin . 12:30 to 2 p.m. Saturday, February 23, at Bodega Taqueria y Tequila,1220 16th St., Miami Beach. Tickets are sold out.

Cocktail Master Class. Bodega, a South Beach taqueria that houses a hidden late-night bar, will welcome attendees through a secret passageway to reveal a mixology class worth seeking out. You'll learn to mix cocktails with Gabe Urrutia, author of Miami Cocktails: An Elegant Collection of Over 100 Recipes Inspired by the Magic City, along with some of Miami's best bartenders. The class will teach you everything you need to know to be the host with the most as you learn simple tricks and tips to wow your guests via specialty cocktails. Afterward, spend the rest of your day imbibing your own custom libations. 2:30 to 4 p.m. Saturday, February 23, at Bodega Taqueria y Tequila, 1220 16th St., Miami Beach. Tickets are sold out.

Behind the Shaker: Miami's Top Bartenders Riff on Bar Life, Industry Changes, and What to Drink in 2019. Panelists and industry professionals Julio Cabrera (Cafe La Trova), Gui Jaroschy (Generator Hostels), and Sarah Lawrence (Sweet Liberty), along with Orta, will give you an inside look at the movers and shakers of Miami's bar scene. Behind the Shaker will unite the best minds in the industry &mdash many who've risen to national prominence by garnering James Beard nominations and Tales of the Cocktail wins &mdash to talk bar life, high-volume versus craft, and trends for 2019. Noon to 12:30 p.m. Friday, February 22, at the Grand Tasting Village, 13th Street and Ocean Drive, Miami Beach. Admission is free with online RSVP (limited seating) via

Keep Miami New Times Free. Since we started Miami New Times, it has been defined as the free, independent voice of Miami, and we would like to keep it that way. Offering our readers free access to incisive coverage of local news, food and culture. Producing stories on everything from political scandals to the hottest new bands, with gutsy reporting, stylish writing, and staffers who've won everything from the Society of Professional Journalists' Sigma Delta Chi feature-writing award to the Casey Medal for Meritorious Journalism. But with local journalism's existence under siege and advertising revenue setbacks having a larger impact, it is important now more than ever for us to rally support behind funding our local journalism. You can help by participating in our "I Support" membership program, allowing us to keep covering Miami with no paywalls.

Participant Information

Western Canada

1931 Gallery Bistro, Chef Gleb Podshibyakin (Vancouver, BC) – “Bistro Chowder”

Chef Gleb Podshibyakin of 1931 Gallery Bistro inside Vancouver Art Gallery, has created a sustainable seafood chowder recipe that utilizes only Ocean Wise certified seafood ingredients, such as steelhead salmon and black ling cod. Apart from those, Bistro Chowder is cream based and boasts classic flavour and aroma derived from white wine, lemon juice, thyme, garlic, vegetable mirepoix and tender Kennebec potatoes. During his college years, Chef has spent few years in Dublin, Ireland and got to experience a wide variety of chowder recipes, each with its own flavour and philosophy. When coming up with his own recipe, chef Gleb used that experience as inspiration and has written a beautiful ode to this amazing comfort food staple.

Big Feast Bistro, Chef Mike Mulcahy (Maple Ridge, BC) – “Ocean Wise Seafood Chowder”

Mike Mulcahy’s passion for the culinary arts began at a very early age. From learning basic recipes in a grade eight foods class to making pizzas at his first restaurant job at age 16, Mike knew he would carve out a path as a professional chef.
Opening Big Feast Bistro & Retail in March of 2010, shortly after the birth of his third child, Mike was driven to find more success with a new brand. Focusing on local foods, gluten-free, and vegan options in Maple Ridge was a big risk but has proven to pay off. Big Feast quickly became a very successful dining option for the growing population of the Fraser Valley. The bistro also sells more than 50 SKU’s of retail products in store and at local grocers.

Codfathers Seafood Market was the first dedicated fish monger in Canada to become an Ocean Wise accredited business. In 2008, Chef Ross Derrick first met Jon and Ann-Marie Crofts. Chef Ross served as the Sous-Chef and Executive Chef at numerous restaurant and hotels, and exclusively used Codfathers as his fish monger. After 6 years of a professional relationship, Ross and Jon worked together to create a restaurant space at Codfathers. The café focuses on creating dishes that use 100% sustainable seafood, served in a fresh, simple manner. Chef Ross of Broken Anchor and Jon Crofts of Codfathers Market work closely together each day to create a memorable experience.

Edge Catering,
Chef Jasmin Porcic (Vancouver, BC) – “BC Carpet Shell Clam Chowder with Maple Smoked Turkey Bacon”

Chef Jasmin is truly a master of his craft. From his classically trained European fine dining roots to leading some of Canada’s finest acclaimed restaurants, Chef Jasmin’s accolades are endless at home and internationally. As former Executive Product Development Chef of Cactus Club Group of Restaurants, Chef joined Edge Catering in 2019. His desire to be part of a thriving company and an entrepreneurially spirited team, his talent has created nothing short of magical transformation for Edge Catering. With endless devotion, a fierce pride and passion for his art creating world class cuisine is only matched by few true artisans. With his incredible leadership mentoring a passionate kitchen team, Chef Jasmin is developing Edge Catering to be an unstoppable force as one of Canada’s top catering brands.

Fanny Bay Oyster Bar,
Chef Tommy Shorthouse (Vancouver, BC) – “Manila Clam and Sweet Corn Chowder”

Tommy Shorthouse is a true West Coast chef. Living in Vancouver his whole life has made him a strong advocate for fresh, local and sustainable BC products. He believes in a philosophy of taking simple, humble, comfort foods and elevating them by allowing the ingredients to shine while creating lasting memories. He cooks with a sense of care that embodies his attention to detail and passion for the ingredients and the seasons. He has been cooking and honing his skills for over 16 years and has worked in some of Vancouver’s iconic restaurant locations such as Joe Fortes, Boulevard, Fairmont Pacific Rim, Tableau, and Homer Street Cafe before finally landing at Fanny Bay Oyster Bar & Shellfish Market. As a former student of Vancouver Community College, where he completed his Red Seal, Tommy was taught early how important local ingredients are to the Vancouver culinary scene. Growing up along the coast created his passion and curiosity about fish and seafood and the countless preparations there are around the world for them. He loves everything the West Coast has to offer and is excited to show off his ‘tide to table’ dishes that highlight its seafood and shellfish.

Chef Dai Fukasaku (Prince Rupert, BC) – “West Coast Ramen”

Six years ago, Chef Dai Fukasaku opened the first complete Ocean Wise sushi restaurant — called Fukasaku – located in the beautiful fishing hub of Prince Rupert, British Columbia. Sustainability and locality are key elements to his restaurant. Chef Fukasaku follows the Ocean Wise guideline completely and he only uses the seafood caught within the province. “I believe in local consumption. It is eco-friendly in terms of reducing C02 emissions as it is the least travelled food, it contributes to the local economy, and it is delicious! I wanted to set an example of what a restaurant could accomplish using only the freshest sustainably caught seafood when I first started five years ago,” Fukasaku said. When he’s not in the kitchen, Chef Dai loves to hike, kayak, run, golf, ski, and pick mushrooms around his home in Prince Rupert.

Hart House Restaurant,
Chef Mike Genest (Burnaby, BC) – “Smoked Tomato Seafood Chowder”

Mike is homegrown talent: he grew up in North Vancouver’s Deep Cove neighbourhood and studied at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts. As a student he supplemented his formal training with plenty of hands-on experience by working as Sous Chef at the Arms Reach Bistro in Deep Cove. He subsequently became Executive Sous Chef at Sonora Resort Canada (Relais and Chateaux) on an island off the coast of Vancouver Island. He characterizes his cooking style as Mediterranean inspired west coast cuisine, but he loves travelling, and as a result his cooking has been influenced by cuisine from around the world. In 2010, for example, he attended a three-month program in Southern Italy’s Calabria district studying regional Italian cuisine and wine. Mike Enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his wife and 2 kids.

Holts Cafe Vancouver,
Chef Aaron Hoffman (Vancouver, BC) – “Gulf Island Chowder”

Aaron began his culinary journey on Salt Spring Island at the Harbour House Hotel, where he learned the fundamentals of French cuisine. He then moved to Vancouver to complete the 1 year, Culinary Arts Program at Vancouver Community College. Throughout his schooling, he gained an introduction to competitions, where he assisted in numerous events around the lower mainland. Upon completion, he began his apprenticeship at the Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel, training in all aspects of the kitchen. During his time at the Fairmont Airport Hotel he was received the opportunity to be a support member for Culinary Team Canada in 2016. This lead to several fundraisers across Canada, and into South America, teaching his valuable international experience. The team went forward to compete in Erfurt Germany, where they brought home 2 gold and 1 silver medal.
It was with this experience and opportunity, which lead him to become the team Captain of Culinary Team B.C, compete in the International Culinary Olympics in Stuttgart, Germany in 2020 and be awarded a Silver medal.
Most recently, Aaron is working at Holts Café, in Holt Renfrew Vancouver, where he continues to hone is skills and abilities as a young culinarian

Intercity Packers
(Richmond, BC) – “The DIY Pacific Chowder Kit”

Available for local delivery throughout the Lower Mainland or curbside pickup in Richmond, our DIY Pacific Chowder Kit means a culinary adventure to release your inner chef at home.

Here at Intercity Packers, we believe in good food and good people. The name Intercity Packers may not ring a bell at first, but since 1963, you have enjoyed our meat and seafood offerings at one of your favourite local restaurants. Our passion for sourcing and producing the highest quality meat and seafood products has only grown since launching our direct home delivery service in 2020.We cannot wait to share our passion for our products and where they come from with you!

Fun fact! Intercity Packers (previously known as Albion Fisheries) was the founding Supplier partner for the Ocean Wise Program. Cheers to sustainable (and delicious!) seafood

Little Mexico Cantina,
Chef Chris Andraza (Richmond, BC) – “Sopa De Donadores”

Chef Chris moved from Ontario to B.C. fourteen years ago and he had very little knowledge regarding seafood dishes. Upon his arrival to Victoria, he started to explore the flavours of the ocean and was “hooked” (pun intended). After working at The Beach House in Victoria as senior sous chef , Chris started his career at Rodney’s Oyster House in Downtown Vancouver, where his apprehension towards oysters quickly turned into a newfound passion and appreciation for the delicate dish. After Rodney’s Oyster House, Chris was employed at Fanny Bay Oyster Bar after Rodney’s as the Executive Chef, where he gained the majority of his experience and knowledge in handling oysters, understanding sustainability and sustainable fishing, and recognizing the freshness of oysters on the Pacific coast. After his experience with seafood, and realizing that it was time for a change, Chris joined The Little Mexico Cantina in Steveston as the Executive Chef, which is located across the Steveston Harbour in Richmond, British Columbia. Chris realizes, particularly through his current proximity to the harbour, that, “I may have left creating seafood dishes in a restaurant but my love of seafood will never leave me”.

Locals Restaurant,
Chef Jon Frazier and Chef Ronald St-Pierre (Courtenay, BC) – “Fish Market Chowder”

Locals Restaurant – Food from the Heart of the Island (Locals) showcases local food production and its producers. Chef Jon Frazier and owner Chef Ronald St. Pierre CCC provide memorable dining experiences that marry the bounty of Vancouver Island with culinary artistry and heartfelt service, offered in a casually elegant dining setting in historic Old House along the river. The ever changing seasonal menus and market sheets set the prevailing standard for the renowned Comox Valley food culture. Local fish, seafood, meat, poultry, fruits and vegetables are offered as seasonally available and are divinely prepared. Locals responds to the trend of people wanting to know how, when, where and by whom their food is produced. Since opening in June 2008, Locals has heightened diner’s awareness about the benefits of “buying local” better food quality, reduced environmental impact, and the increased sustainability of small local businesses.

Naramata Inn,
Chef Ned Bell (Naramata, BC) – “D Dutchmen Cream & Candied Char Chowder”

Ned is a well-known Canadian culinary talent who has forged a path as a chef advocate, keynote speaker and educator, and now owner and chef at Naramata Inn. As one of the country’s leading chefs, he has used his voice, outgoing personality, and indomitable spirit to stand up for the world’s lakes, oceans and rivers. Ned has earned many honours over the years, most recently: Fellow of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society (2019), Honorary Doctorate in Technology from Vancouver Island University (2019), SeaWeb Seafood Summit Global Champion Award (2017), and author of best selling cookbook Lure: Sustainable Seafood Recipes from the West Coast.

Ned’s “D Dutchmen Cream & Candied Char Chowder” will be available through the Naramata Inn at Home program.

Organic Ocean x Ocean Mama,
Chef Poyan Danesh (Vancouver, BC) – “Organic Ocean’s Sensual Smoked Sablefish Chowder”

Chef Poyan has been heavily involved in the BC culinary scene since graduating top of his class at VCC in 2004. Poyan is currently Culinary Director at Ocean Mama Seafood, Competition Chair and Treasurer of the Chefs Table Society of BC.
Names 2013 BC Chef of the year, he was also one of 4 chefs that represented Canada in the World Culinary Olympics in Germany in 2012, placing 4th in the world. He was also honoured with the position of Captain of the Olympic Culinary Team of BC where he led them to a gold in their category, and 4th place finish at the World Culinary Olympics in Germany October of 2008. Poyan was also a member of Culinary Team Canada from 2004 to 2012 competing twice in Luxembourg, twice in Germany, Basel and in Chicago with a second place finish, winning 8 gold medals in total. Poyan was featured on the Global series “Canada’s Next Great Chef” as BC’s culinary representative and named 2007 Canadian Apprentice of the Year.

Pajo’s Fish & Chips,
Chef Tia Litz (Steveston Wharf, Garry Point Park, Rocky Point Park, BC)- “Pajo’s Signature Seafood Chowder”

Born and raised in Steveston, British Columbia, Tia came across the restaurant in 1988 and started working part-time for Pajo’s at the age of 14 while helping her grandfather on his fishing boat. After graduating in 1992, she continued working and was promoted to assistant manager until 1999 and has been the store manager ever since. She is married with two lovely children and is proud to see the company grew to four locations throughout the BC lower mainland.
“Pajo’s is like a family whether it be the staff or all our wonderful customers”
And we are also proud to see her grow in the company through all the ups and downs and we celebrate together on her 33rd year of serving the Best Fish and Chips in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Portobello & The Mallard Lounge, Fairmont Chateau Whistler,
Chef Isabel Chung (Whistler, BC) – “Chateau Whistler Signature Seafood Chowder”

Chef Isabel Chung began her culinary career in 2001 at the Delta Bow Valley, Calgary, Alberta, holding the roles of Second Cook and First Cook. Expanding her experience internationally, she transferred to the Fairmont Southampton in 2005 as Senior Chef de Partie and then was quickly promoted to Sous Chef. In 2008, Chef Isabel returned to Canada as Sous Chef at Fairmont Chateau Whistler where she was in charge of Banquets and subsequently Restaurants. In 2013, she relocated to the United States as Executive Sous Chef of the AAA Five Diamond Fairmont Olympic Hotel, Seattle.

In her current role as Executive Chef at Fairmont Chateau Whistler since November 15, 2015, Chef Isabel oversees the creative and strategic initiatives of all culinary operations of the 519-room luxury landmark resort including The Grill Room, Whistler’s only AAA/CAA Four Diamond rated hotel restaurant The Wildflower Restaurant the award-winning Mallard Lounge, Portobello The Chalet, offering alpine cuisine and fondue dining throughout the winter season and The Clubhouse at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler Golf Club as well as In Room Dining and Banquets.

Showcase Restaurant at Marriott Vancouver Downtown,
Chef Jesse Hochhausen (Vancouver, BC) – “Yellow Thai Curry Prawn Chowder, Crispy Shallots, Chili Oil and Cilantro”

Currently in the roll as Executive Sous Chef at the Marriott Vancouver Downtown, Showcase Restaurant and bar.
Raised in Calgary, Alberta, he worked in independent restaurants for several years. Started working at the Marriott Downtown Calgary, Running the Banquet Kitchen at the TELUS Convention Center. Took some time and Worked in ST. Thomas, US Virgin Islands then moved to New Orleans where he worked at the New Orleans Marriott ‘The Big House’ on Canal Street in the French quarter. During that time worked a small stint in Charleston, South Carolina Covering the Chef position at the Charleston Renaissance. From New Orleans, Jesse Moved to Vancouver in 2016, where he now is Executive Sous Chef overseeing banquets and the Showcase restaurant.
Jesse’s culinary influences come from his mother’s Japanese Canadian heritage, travelling throughout Asia, The US, the Caribbean and Europe. Largely inspired taking many trips to South Korea with his wife’s family.

Showcase Restaurant will re-open on February 5th, and will be open for lunch Monday – Friday and dinner Friday and Saturday.

Shuck Shuck,
Chef Shannon Boyle (Vancouver, BC) – “Give Two Shucks Oyster Chowder”

Shannon Boyle is the head chef and culinary designer at ShuckShuck. Having spent much of her life and culinary career in Montreal working as Chef de Cuisine at Bar Tapas Taza Flores and later as the Sous Chef at Bistro La Société, Loews Hotel Vogue she honed her craft. More recently, Shannon was the Chef at Meat & Bread in Vancouver. Shannon has the unique ability to deliver on ShuckShuck’s sustainable objectives one delicious bite at a time.

Spinnakers Brewpub,
Chef Ali Ryan (Victoria, BC) – “Spinnakers Seafood Chowder”

As Chef at Spinnakers Brewpub I am a proud & vocal advocate of the islands food systems, our food security & sustainability thanks to the endless support of Spinnakers owner, Paul Hadfield, who has been championing local food and sustainability movements for decades.
I firmly believe that the relationships that Spinnakers has built within the island’s food community have enriched and educated myself, the staff at Spinnakers & the community at large – both producers & consumers.
When not working I am an active member of the Island Chef’s Collaborative & Les Dames d’Escoffier, BC Chapter.

Chef Nathan Taylor’s culinary experience spans over 10 years. He graduated from the Culinary Arts program at Vancouver Community College in 2011 and for the next 2 years joined the Canadian Junior Culinary Team where he was able to travel across Canada to various culinary schools, to Korea for several cooking competitions and to Erfurt, Germany for the Culinary Olympics. Chef Nathan spent 7.5 years working at Fairmont Hotels & Resorts where he was recognized as Employee of the Year in 2017. His tenure at Fairmont Pacific Rim included a number of outlets including the lobby lounge, banquets, Giovane Café, Oru restaurant and he joined the opening team for the launch of the exclusive Botanist restaurant. In January 2019, Chef Nathan Joined the team at the Joseph Richard Group to open The Study Public House located at SFU Burnaby Campus which was quickly followed by the opening of Stanley Park Brewing Restaurant & Brewpub in July 2019 where the Joseph Richard Group was named as the official managing operator by Stanley Park Brewing. Chef Nathan proves to be an asset to every opening team he works with which is evident in the number of successful grand openings he’s been a part of. His passion for culinary will surely extend another 10 years and beyond.

The Vancouver Fish Company,
Chef Markus Rule (Vancouver, BC) – “Taste of Anacortes”

Since i was 8 years old, my family and I have been going to our cabin on Guemes Island, located just off the shore of Anacortes, Washington. It’s a very small community located in the San Juan islands. My Uncle Steve and my Aunt Georgia taught me how to dig for Geoducks in the mud, seek out steamer clams on the sandbar and how to go crabbing. They taught me how to clean and prepare these items for our communal feast in which we would cook for all the neighbours on our street and they would share what they had also caught that day.
From my early start with my family, to beginning my career in the industry with Fairmont Hotels, to learning from some of the best at The Fish House in Stanley Park, Has made me continue to value the time and effort it takes to supply good, sustainable product. In the most recent years I’ve found a home at The Vancouver Fish Company where I can bring in the freshest product and be proud of what we are accomplishing.
I continue to have a passion of going out to the sandbar at the crack of dawn, digging up to my shoulders in the surf and taking the boat out to drop the traps. I love continuing the traditions of the Rule/Schnell house and being able to have our family seafood roundtable feasts! I look forward to showcasing the San Juan Islands at this years Chowder Chowdown Festival.

Eastern Canada

Chef Brent McAllister (Kingston, Ontario) – “Ocean Wise Chowder”

Leading the innovative culinary team at AquaTerra is Executive Chef, Brent McAllister. Originally an accountant by trade, McAllister has been with the culinary team for more than a decade, working in a variety of roles. Beginning as a prep cook in 1999, and groomed by friend Victor Clementino, McAllister evolved and has emerged as a leading chef in the Kingston area.
Chef McAllister graduated from the culinary apprenticeship program at George Brown College at the top of his class in 2004. He then spent time in the Niagara region, exploring the area and working under renowned chef Tony de Luca at Hillebrand winery. In 2004 Brent was delighted to move back to the Kingston area and was welcomed back to the AquaTerra culinary team.
Chef McAllister takes pride in his menu development & works with guests and clients of AquaTerra and the Delta Kingston Waterfront Hotel to create special menus that reflect their personality and style. Using only the freshest ingredients, Brent enjoys bringing the passion of local farmers into his kitchen. On delivery day, McAllister is always the first on-site, ready to receive a bounty of fresh, colourful product from local farms he has connected & formed relationships with.
At home, Brent enjoys cooking for his wife & two children and working in his garden. You can usually find him with a palm full of kosher salt, plucking fresh ingredients from the ground. Brent boasts an extensive tomato garden, citing his favourite meal as a fresh, toasted tomato sandwich.
A seasoned talent with extensive experience in all areas of the kitchen, Chef McAllister is committed to delivering extraordinary, approachable food and a memorable experience to AquaTerra guests. “Any dish I put on the menu is there for a reason. I like well-balanced dishes that compliment each other.”

Bistro 42 at North 42 Degrees Estate Winery, Chef Cam MacDonald (Colchester, Ontario) – 󈬚Nd Parallel Souper Sustainable Seafood Chowder”

Chef Cameron grew up in Essex County, and has returned to the area after living and working in the Niagara Region for the past 13 years. After graduating from the culinary apprenticeship program at Niagara College, he quickly worked his way up to the chef level in some of the best restaurants in the area, including Tide & Vine Oyster House, Ravine Vineyard, and Pearl Morissette. He’s appeared on Chopped Canada, teaches at Humber College in the culinary program, loves to cook from scratch and his musical taste is as eclectic as his passion for cooking.

Chef Cameron takes a very serious approach when it comes to sourcing, preparing, and serving products that have been responsibly farmed. He is thrilled to be back ‘home’ and to be the first chef to bring the Ocean Wise Seafood program to the area at Bistro 42.

Bistro 󈨇, Chef Raul Sojo (Whitby, Ontario) – “Bistro ’67 Green Curry-Coconut Rock Crab Chowder”

Growing up, Raul Sojo’s childhood home in Colombia was filled with the enticing aromas of his mother’s cooking. From an early age, Raul recognized his own inborn ability in the kitchen – including his ability to perfectly debone a fish without any instruction – and fell in love with cooking.
As Raul studied Law at university, he worked as a server in local restaurants, gaining the knowledge, skill and experience to open his own restaurant. Teaming up with his brother, and with support from his mother, Raul launched his first restaurant at the ripe old age of 19. The restaurant closed after one year, but the experience set Raul on an exciting path.
In 2004, Raul came to Canada with his wife and two daughters. “It was an opportunity to start fresh,” he says of his decision to study Culinary Management and earn his Red Seal Certification. “I decided to build my career up from scratch.
Today, Raul spends his days cooking and teaching at Bistro 67, a field-to-fork restaurant found at the Durham College Whitby Campus. Raul loves to share his passion with the next generation of culinary superstars. “It is so rewarding to see past students become successful professionals in the industry,” says Raul.
Under his masterful instruction, Raul’s students get the complete restaurant experience, from selecting ingredients to menu design and cooking. “We work with the farming and horticulture program to plan what to plant according to our menus,” says Raul. “We like to grow unique ingredients that the public might not otherwise be exposed to.”
For other ingredients, Raul sources from local producers and farms. The green pastures of York Durham Headwaters contribute to beautiful cheeses, and there are many local businesses that produce tasty ingredients like mushrooms, honey, artisanal breads and so much more.
Treat your senses to Raul’s ultimate in field-to-fork experience, and make your reservations at the Feast On™ certified Bistro 67 today!

Bruce Wine Bar & Bodega
, Chef Shaun Edmonstone (Thornbury, Ontario) – “BWB Ontario Whitefish Chowder”

Throughout his 24 + year career, Chef Shaun has dedicated himself to the art of creating great food. At his restaurant, he focuses on locally sourced, globally inspired menus & prepared food items using sustainably sourced ingredients that Shaun has carefully crafted to highlight the bounty of what the region, and the whole country, has to offer.

, Chef Matt Dean Pettit (Toronto, Ontario) – “COAST by MDP Ocean Wise Chowder”

COAST by Matt Dean Pettit is a delivery & takeout fresh seafood and smash burger fast-casual virtual concept featuring some of celebrity chef and cookbook author Matt Dean Pettit’s favourite eats. Enjoy delicious signature dishes like the signature PEI Lobster Roll, Surf & Turf Smashed Cheese Burger or Nashville Hot Shrimp Sandwich delivered to you from two locations now in Toronto! Look for COAST by MDP to becoming to a city or town hopefully soon with their unique ghost kitchen business model!

Coast Cafe Bar, Chef Eduardo De Berardinis (Toronto, Ontario) – “The Coast ‘ciao ciao’ Chowder”

With well over 25 years of experience, Chef Eduardo has made his way back to Toronto delivering coastal Italian fare with dishes inspired by the seaside of Italy, the Atlantic and Pacific.

With well over 25 years of experience, Chef Eduardo De Berardinis made his way back to Toronto and recently opened up coast, in the vibrant Junction neighbourhood, where he’s delivering coastal Italian fare with dishes inspired by the seaside of Italy, the Atlantic and Pacific.

He grew up in the industry and began to discover his true passion while studying architecture in Florence. He travelled throughout and specialized in the technique and flavours of his coastal home town of Silvi Marina in the Abruzzo region of Italy. It is an area well known for its simplicity of ingredients while bringing out the true fresh flavours of quality fish and seafood – especially the trabocchi area. He then operated the kitchen of a 600 hectare agriturismo in Umbria where he only utilized the ingredients of the land.

Following his self teaching adventures, he returned to Toronto to share his skills by opening ‘adriatico’ a very successful fine dining restaurant in the Yorkville area. His talents were recognized on numerous occasions by various articles published by the Globe and Mail and Toronto Life. One of Joanne Kate’s last articles prior to retirement names it ‘the most influential restaurant of the 2000 decade’.

He then continued to pursue his passion and opened several restaurants in the Riviera Nayarit on Mexico’s pacific coast. After 10 wonderful years spent there with his wife, ilde, also a Torontonian, they decided it was time to head back home to raise their family.

De la Mer, David Owen (4 locations across Toronto, Ontario- “C6- Coast to Coast Clam, Crab and Smoked Corn Chowder”

I am the proud owner of de la mer fresh fish market in Toronto and a proud partner in the four fantastic neighbourhoods where our stores are located (Roncesvalles Village, Danforth and Broadview, St Clair and Christie, Bayview/Leaside). At de la mer, we bring our guests fresh, delicious, sustainable fish and seafood along with an assortment of house made culinary delights and our decadent house smoked fish. My personal fulfillment comes from sharing my culinary knowledge with my guests and teaching them how to cook and enjoy fish and seafood!

I am a supporter and active participant in the Ocean Wise Program for the past seven years and excited to be participating (other then eating and drinking) in Chowder Chowdown for the first time! Myself and my crew are thrilled be able to be unwavering in the betterment of our world and support Ocean Wise in being the fantastic educators they are, so that each of us can be vigilant caretakers of the Earth and Ocean, in all we do.

Enjoy the Chowder and thank you from myself, my wife, my children and my entire crew for supporting the great work at Ocean Wise.

Dressed by an Olive
, Merja Avena (Windsor, Ontario) – “Go Fish!”

Hi my name is Merja and with my husband Daniel we established the first Olive Oil and Vinegar Tasting Room in 2012 in Windsor-Essex County located in Tecumseh Ontario. Since then we have grown organically into a gourmet grocery shop, that along with fresh olive oils includes farm-to-table and fish-to-fork ingredients.
I am not a chef nor a cook but I’m passionate about food and quality ingredients. Thanks to Organic Ocean Seafood’s owner Steve Johansen we can sell fish-to-fork wild Canadian Seafood. He agreed to sell us his fish after we moved back to Ontario from Vancouver 8 years ago. It was in Vancouver where we developed our palate for clean, sustainable ingredients that we now showcase in our shop.
We are excited to participate in the National Chowder Chowdown Festival in February 2021. Our chowder will be lovingly named “go Fish” after the classic children’s card game. This recipe will be a reflection of my Finnish Heritage, with ingredients my mother used to make fish soup. Let the games begin!

Flying Apron Inn and Cookery, Chef Chris Velden (Summerville, Nova Scotia) – Smoked Nova Scotia Seafood Chowder

A traditional bio might describe Chef Chris Velden as a European trained Master Chef with over 40 years experience working in Europe, Canada, and the United States. However, if you ask him to describe who he is, you get a much simpler answer. “I am a cook, who loves to teach.”

Before coming to Halifax and opening The Flying Apron Inn & Cookery, he spent several years in Vancouver as the Executive Chef and Program Director for the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts, one of Canada’s Top Culinary Schools.

While in Vancouver, Chris partnered with the Vancouver Aquarium and its Ocean Wise program helping to lead the way to sustainable practices in both the local and global fishing industries.
Chef Chris Velden is a staunch supporter of our local food producers and realizes the vast benefits of knowing where and from whom the food we eat comes from. He believes “Using local ingredients not only increases our knowledge in regards to the taste and the variety of food available but it economically benefits the farmers and helps to strengthen our community.”

Fresh City Farms, Chef Loraine Hawley, (Online, Fresh City locations, Healthy Butcher Locations & Mabel’s Bakery, Toronto, Ontario)- Ocean Wise Seafood Chowder

Growing up in an Ontario farming community, for Fresh City Farms Chief Production Officer, Lorraine Hawley, a love of baking, cooking and fresh food came naturally. A career in food however, took a longer path. After almost 20 years in Sales & Marketing in Toronto, Lorraine left the corporate world to follow her passion. Together with her husband, Lorraine opened Mabel’s Bakery in 2008. Mabel’s became well known for high quality traditional Baked Goods and Prepared Foods. Lorraine and her husband sold Mabel’s to Fresh City Farms in 2018, thrilled to have found a company that shared their passion for tasty food and the local farming communities. Today Lorraine is responsible for a team of 60 who make the wonderful house made products for Fresh City Farms, Mabel’s Bakery and The Healthy Butcher.

Our Ocean Wise Seafood Chowder recipe was developed by our Product & Process Developer, John Greenwell. We wanted a classic chowder that was hearty and creamy but didn’t overwhelm the fresh flavour and texture of this beautiful seafood. We achieved this by making a rich fish and organic vegetable stock, cooking the seafood separately and finishing with organic milk, 10% cream and fresh dill and tarragon.

A George Brown College graduate, Sarahs passion for Culinary sprung when she was studying at Queens University. Living on Campus made her miss her Korean-Canadian cuisine, where she plays around with flavours from both cultures.
After a successful internship at Cactus Club Café Toronto, Sarah moved back home to Oakville where she worked at Ritorno, a well-established local Italian restaurant. Seeking to expand her Culinary experience, Sarah moved out West to Fairmont Lake Louise, where she worked in both Banquets of 1000 guests as well as one of the busiest A la Carte kitchens which was responsible for 3 different outlets, serving an average of 500 covers every lunch service.Having honed her skills out West and missing home, Sarah moved back to Toronto and worked under Chef Laura Maxwell at Le Select Bistro. It wasn’t long until a Sous Chef opportunity came knocking on her door to be a part of the opening team at Holt Renfrew’s flagship restaurant -Holts Café Bloor.
Always trying to source the freshest, most sustainable ingredients, Sarah is constantly challenging herself to redefine what Canadian Cuisine means, while supporting local farmers and suppliers.

Holts Cafe Yorkdale, Chef Adam Alguire (North York, Ontario) – “Clam and Smoked Whitefish Chowder”

Adam started his cooking career at 18 during his final semester of high school. Loaded up with all his classes to go to school to become an architect, he had only half a course load. Wanting to increase his knowledge of the culinary arts to impress his roommates when he moved away to university, he took an internship in a event space nearby, The King Bridge Center in King City. Soon after Adam found where he was suppose to be, the fast paced, no nonsense atmosphere of the kitchen hooked him. He cancelled his acceptance to university and re applied to Toronto’s George Brown college that summer.
While attending George Brown, Adam took many catering gigs working with Toronto chefs such as Jamie Kennedy and Bertrand Alepee. After Graduating from George Brown he continued on with a post graduate degree in French cuisine which took him to the ITHQ in Montreal and L’Institute Paul Bocuse in Lyon France. Upon completion Adam started another internship in Montreal’s famous L’Express restaurant with chef Joel Chapoulie before returning to Toronto where he worked 3 years under chef John Horne of Canoe.
Adam then left to take on management rolls for Chef Victory Barry across 3 of his restaurants. The County General, Piano Piano and was integral to the opening and operation of Café Cancan. All these restaurants earned many accolades including multiple Best New Restaurant awards and top 10 lists across the city.
Ready for a little break after living day and night in kitchens for the past 11 years, Adam was about to take a year long trip around the world. Scheduled to leave just two weeks after the insight of Covid, he settled for a short couple month quarantine at home before taking on his newest role as Chef at Holt’s Café Yorkdale where he aims to lead the team to make the café a coveted dining location in the city.

Pearl Diver, a seafood lovers staple on Toronto! With a menu that’s cuisine is reflective of the city’s multicultural identity, inspired as much by East Asian flavours as East Coast. Our famous $100 for 100 Oyster nights have now become legendary and pack the place! Now in this new world you too though can enjoy our oysters shucked & ready to eat at home with our oysters to go program!
We look forward to cooking for you soon.

Pier 87, Chef Kim, (Mississauga and Toronto, Ontario)- Fresh from the Pier Chowder

Chef Kim has been in the culinary world for almost 20 years. She graduated George Brown, received her apprenticeship under Executive Chef Tom Filipou, and created content for classes at Loblaws that are still used to this day. She spent 12 years working at the prestigious SIR Corp, creating recipes, guidelines, and themes for restaurants universally loved around the GTA. Chef Kim has been the Kitchen Manager at PIER 87 since it opened in the Food District.

Redstone Winery, Chef David Snider (Beamsville, Ontario) – “Redstone Seafood Chowder”

A Vineland native, David credits his early exposure to different cultures for budding his interest in the culinary arts. Although his career had humble beginnings, starting as a dishwasher in 2006, David has had the privilege of training in three Relais & Chateaux properties as well as two Michelin-starred restaurants prior to joining the Restaurant at Redstone.
Highlights of David’s career include holding the position of Chef de Cuisine at Langdon Hall Country House Hotel and Spa, the position of Restaurant Chef at The Wickaninnish Inn, as well as winning the Ontario Hostelry Institute’s ‘Top 30 Under 30 Award’ at the age of 23.
David is currently the Executive Chef at The Restaurant at Redstone in Beamsville, Ontario and has been at the Restaurant since its opening in the summer of 2015. When he is not at the Restaurant, David spends as much time as possible with his wife, Emily, their three children, Mila, Landon and Hadley.

Union Market Square, Chef Stephen Goyda and Team (Arkell, Ontario) – “The Back 40 CBC”

We are a small market and bistro located in Arkell Ontario (in the township of Puslinch Ontario).

Out in the country we do things a little differently than in the city. We are focused on providing an authentic and honest experience for our guests. From our house beer, to our Montreal (Arkell) smoked meat, and even our baked goods are prepared from scratch. We’ve been very fortunate to have built up quite the group of local suppliers and guests over the years and it’s been a blast working with them.

We wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for our great staff. Marvin, our Sous Chef, has been with us from the beginning and keeps the kitchen running. The girls up front (Anna, Hannah, Arya, and Julia) work their tails off making coffee and espresso drinks, wrapping up meats from our deli counter, filling growlers, baking off cookies, and even lending a hand in the kitchen when needed.

The chowder we are making for the fundraiser is named “The Back 40 CBC” it will feature Cod and smoked bacon (Cod-Bacon-Chowder = ‘CBC’). We will be preparing it in a butter chicken style and it will be a mix between a red and white chowder with a slight kick.

The Wooden Boat Food Company
, Chef Thompson Tran (Kitchener, Ontario) – “Fire-Roasted Whitefish Hue-Style Chowder”

Chef Thompson is currently the owner and executive chef of two restaurants in Kitchener-Waterloo region where he is dedicated to cutting unnecessary food production waste and focuses on engaging with local food systems. Both his restaurants Wooden Boat Food Company and Mekong Brasserie strive towards
being fully sustainable with a closed waste-loop system.
As a former teaching chef instructor Chef Thompson has worked in both the private and public sector of the food industry and has spent many years honing his skills at several prestigious restaurants in Vancouver. Chef Thompson holds a Bachelor of Music degree in classical guitar performance, a Bachelor of Education, a diploma from Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts, and his level Level 2 Wine and Spirit Education Trust. In his pursuit of happiness, he also took a two-year hiatus from both cooking and teaching to pursue a musical dream that culminated in a Grammy Award nomination in 2010.
Thompson now lives in the close-knit community of Kitchener, Ontario with his lovely wife, two darling children, and their lovable fur ball Jetson.

Beverage Sponsors

Tito’s Handmade Vodka is donating $5 per Ocean Wise Caesar Kit in collaboration with Walter Craft Caesar. They are also donating $1 per pour throughout the month of February, up to $5,000.

This donation promotion is available at Big Feast Bistro and Fairmont Whistler’s The Mallard i n BC and Bruce Wine Bar, Coast Cafe Bar, and Union Market Square in ON.

Walter Craft Caesar is donating $3 per Ocean Wise Caesar Kit in collaboration with Tito’s Handmade Vodka during February.

This donation promotion is available at Big Feast Bistro i n BC and Bruce Wine Bar, Coast Cafe Bar, and Union Market Square in ON.

They are also donating Walter Craft Caesar in kind to participants wanting to include their Ocean Wise recommended caesar as a chowder ingredient! Available at dressed by an Olive in Ontario.

Ontarieau is donating 15% of their total sales during the month of February!

This donation promotion is available online (delivery available) and at local grocers and restaurants throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Visit their website to find Ontarieau near you!

Redstone Winery is donating $10 per bottle of their 2017 Bistro Chardonnay during the month of February!

This donation promotion is available on-site through their wine store (curbside pickup).

Redstone Winery is also a Festival Participant – pick up a litre of their Festival Chowder to double your donation!

Redstone Winery is donating $1 per bottle of their Summer Chill wine during the month of February!

This donation promotion is available online (shipping anywhere in Ontario) or on-site (curbside pick-up).

North 42 Degrees is also a Participant – pick up a litre of their Festival Chowder to double your donation!

Red Racer Brewing will be donating a portion of proceeds from every Red Racer Pils sold at Legacy Liquor Store during February up to $500 for the Ocean Wise Seafood program .

Tin Whistle Brewing Co. is donating $2 from all BC sales of Tin Whistle Brewing Company’s Black Widow Dark English Ale 650mL bottles.

This donation promotion is available Tin Whistle’s Taproom, in their online store with free local delivery, as well as private liquor stores throughout BC.

Feature photo credit: Andres Markwart Photography
Feature photo recipe: Chef Will Lew

7. The Walled Medieval Town of Carcassonne

The walled town of Carcassone

Carcassonne gives travelers the impression of stepping into the scene of a fairy tale. This marvelously well-preserved, fortified medieval town is surrounded by massive ramparts. In fact, some portions of the ancient walls and turreted towers were restored by Viollet-Le-Duc in the 19th century, which lends a Disneyland-like quality.

By exploring the narrow alleyways and cobblestone streets of Carcassonne, visitors can imagine what life was like in a typical town of the Middle Ages. In the 11th century, residents worshipped at the Cathédrale Saint-Nazaire, an impressive Gothic monument that is now a basilica. For a peek at a medieval fortress, visitors should head to the Château Comtal, where the Vicomte of Carcassonne resided in the 12th and 13th centuries. Le Grand Puit is one of the wells where townspeople withdrew drinking water.

Carcassonne is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its cultural value and tops the list of attractions in the Languedoc-Roussillon region.

Another nearby UNESCO site is the Canal du Midi, a canal created in the 12th century to link the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea.

8. Three Blondes Brewing, South Haven, Michigan

Three Blondes Brewing is the vision of married duo Linda and Ray VanDerZee, operated as a neighborhood gathering place microbrewery and restaurant since 2018. The family-owned brewery crafts delicious flagship and specialty brews throughout the year, including unique favorites like its Dill With It Cucumber Dill Berliner Weisse, Rubia Picante Spicy Jalapeno Blonde Ale, Hoosier Hearts Kiwi Extra Pale Ale, Cold Heat Coffee Vanilla Rye Porter, and Fat Tiki Fruit Beer. Diners can enjoy drafts and gastropub fare at the brewery's unique Blondome facility, a geodesic dome located outside on its patio. Delicious entree selections include boom boom beer-battered fish and fries platters, beer-drenched cheesesteak sandwiches, and ultimate barbecue burgers topped with pomegranate barbecue sauce and Swiss cheese. Gourmet pizza varieties range from crab rangoon pizzas to vegetarian pizzas topped with red beet hummus, squash, and roasted mushrooms.

1875 Phoenix St Suite B, South Haven, MI 49090, Phone: 269-872-3911

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"If there is a heaven, that's who I'd be partying with," she told Food Network. "My grandpa would want spaghetti with a lot of sardines or anchovies and Boo would want butternut squash."

After hearing her on a public radio show in 2001, the network offered her a $360,000 contract.

Since then, Ray has written multiple cookbooks. Ray's pet food line, Nutrish, sold more than $650 million worth of products in 2017, which was reportedly sold to Smucker in a $1.5 billion deal in May 2018.

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