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Modern GC Marketplace Opens on Los Angeles’ Cahuenga Boulevard

Modern GC Marketplace Opens on Los Angeles’ Cahuenga Boulevard

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Gary Arabia brings his unique eatery, GC Marketplace, to the valley

GC Marketplace offers both eat-in and take-away options.

GC Marketplace, nestled between Hollywood and Studio City, has opened on Cahuenga Boulevard.

Caterer and chef Gary Arabia unveiled his unique new eatery in the old Oak Crest Market location last November. The 22-foot vaulted ceilings remain, as well as the original Oak Crest sign, but now the interior features marble-topped tables and white walls in an open, airy space.

GC Marketplace is a modern culinary boutique where guests can dine-in or grab something to go. The space includes a French boulangerie, rotisserie, gourmet cheese counter, coffee and wine bar, and a marketplace.

The weekend brunch menu offers a selection of omelettes, Benedicts made with perfectly sous-vide eggs, and scrambles. The all-day menu includes pizzas, soups, burgers, hand-carved sandwiches, pastas, grilled and smoked entrées, paella, flatbreads, and desserts.

For exceptional food in a modern, Italian-inspired atmosphere, head to GC Marketplace the next time you find yourself in Universal City.

We are general Admission

General Admission is the combination of a complete modern aesthetic design, including the addition of an outdoor patio, implementation of a superior operational infrastructure, enhanced guest service, happy hours, catering and private events.

General Admission is strategically positioned less than 5 minutes from NBC Universal and The Hollywood Bowl and will be an experience you wont want to miss!

Fresh Draft Beer. Local Brews and the best brews from around the world.

Try our beer. Conceived among the makers and advanced creators of General Admission, a tribute to the intense and real. A unique premium ale prepared for those whose keep on pushing the limits of their art. General Admission has the ideal brews, and nothing less.

At General Admission, you'll find scrumptious nourishment with particular flavors made crisp day by day directly in our kitchen. Regardless of whether you eat in for an appetizing lunch or approach us to provide food your next occasion, you can be certain we'll serve you directly from the heart.

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