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8 Movie Theater Snacks From Around the World

8 Movie Theater Snacks From Around the World

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From dried fish to salty liquorice, here are eight movie snacks enjoyed around the world

Crispy samosas are popular movie snacks in India.

Going to a foreign move theater is a great way to immerse yourself in a new language and the local film culture, or, to experience a dubbed version of an American blockbuster. But visiting a movie theater abroad can also give you an interesting peak at the snack culture of a country. Though popcorn and fountain sodas still are standard finds at movie concession stands all over the world, some snacks might be surprising.

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The average American eats about 13 gallons of popcorn a year, much of that while watching movies, CBS reported last February. But how about crunching on some dried cuttlefish or a freshly fried samosa while you're taking in a film? If you find yourself in Korea or India, these foods might be just as common at the movies as that familiar bucket of popcorn.

Even though some global snacks, like dried and fried ants, might seem downright bizarre and unimaginable to keep in your lap while enjoying your favorite flick, other countries' movie snacks, like a huge assortment of "pick-and-mix" candies, might make you wish they were part of your everyday movie experience.

And as a bucket of popcorn can provide you with as much as 1,000 extra calories, switching up the classic buttery snack for a crunchy fish every now and then may not be so bad.

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This post was originally published September 17, 2013.

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