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Comfort Food Classics

Comfort Food Classics

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Some of our favorite comfort foods for cold weather

Bacon and Sweet Potato Chili

Slow Cooker Red Beans and Rice

Challah Bread Pudding with Blueberries and Peaches

Skillet Chicken Pot Pie with Biscuit Crust

Classic (and simple) chicken pot pie is topped with a fresh biscuit crust, which is way better than the store-bought pie crust you’ve been using for pot pie. Click here to see the recipe.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken

The secrets to great fried chicken are marinating in buttermilk for a few hours and to make sure you season the flour. Oh, and make sure the oil is hot enough before you start frying, or you’ll end up with soggy, uncooked, sad chicken. Click here to see the recipe.

Maccheroni Soup with Sausage and Porcini

Dried porcini mushrooms add a wonderful earthy flavor to this hearty stew. Pour boiling water over dried mushrooms in a bowl and soak for at least 15 minutes to rehydrate. Use the flavorful soaking liquid (except for a bit at the bottom of the bowl that has grit in it) to season the stew. Click here to see the recipe.

Thomas Keller’s Favorite Simple Roast Chicken

Roast chicken makes the whole house smell fantastic and cozy, plus roasting a chicken is super simple so you can just go about your life enjoying the aroma without worrying about the meal. Click here to see the recipe.

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