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We cut half of the olives to make the penguins' bellies, and we stop half of them to make their heads, after which we fill the notched ones with melted cheese (if you have cream cheese, put it in a bag and fill it with it, and if you have in the tube it is much easier, I recommend the cheese in the tube). From the carrots we will make the legs, cut them into rounds, then cut a "V" from each round. We stick the belly in the toothpicks first, then the head, and with the tip of a knife we ​​will make a sting for the nose, which we will make from the "V" that we have left from the feet. At the end, we stick the toothpick in the carrot fruit, thus forming the penguin.

It seems complicated, but it's not at all, it just takes a lot of patience and time.


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